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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #09

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #09

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2022. We’ve now started again after the turn of the year with what we do best, continuously developing the cloud where web services/applications are available to all users worldwide.

Recently, we have introduced significant cloud services such as anycast DNS and Global LoadBalancers on the platform but have also made many tiny improvements to the my.fuga.cloud portal. For example, to work with multiple developers via teams and pay on invoices for companies. In the coming period, we will not sit still and, Database as a Service and the most requested feature of 2021, the Managed Kubernetes Service, will be added. We are always looking for new features and improvements to the platform, so if anything is missing, let us know.

We notice from our customers and visitors that there is a lot of interest in a strict AVG/GDPR cloud that’s available in more places in European content and that complies with the GAIA-X guidelines. As a 100% Dutch IT company, we are happy to respond to this development and bring our cloud to several places in Europe. All our customers can automatically start using these new cloud regions and remain assured of the highest standards regarding data security.

For 2022: Stay Safe and Be Happy!
Paul Bankert, founder and director of Fuga Cloud and Cyso Group

Fuga Cloud 2021 Recap

Fuga 2021 Recap

It was a particular year, 2021. People came, people went. A year full of measures regarding Covid, a lot of working from home and working together remotely. The Fuga team has proven you can still achieve great things despite all those obstacles.

2021 was also the year of the delivery of AMS2, a super fast and stable platform. In addition, a new rating system was added, which was also extended to AMS1 later in the year. We launched DNS as a Service, and the GPUs are also available in multiple flavors. The loadbalancers became more flexible, the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is adjustable and, Fuga Direct Connect is ready to use. And many tiny adjustments and updates have been incorporated.

We gave our status page a new look, and we’ve added a product catalogue to our website. You also have a mailbox within the Fuga Dashboard, and we’ve integrated the ticket system, so now it is easier to submit, follow and search a ticket. We have joined the Dutch Cloud Infrastructure Coalition (CiC) and are thus involved in the Gaia-X project.

The Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts is published every month. We regularly post a **(blog) article*, and our tutorials in the Fuga Academy are or will be updated and supplemented with new ones.

This past year, we have also been busy preparing for our FRA expansion, our region in Germany. We’re making the final touches on viewing metrics via the Fuga Dashboard. With which we can offer you a better peek behind the scenes. But for now, we are going full of energy with our focus on the previous mentioned *Managed Kubernetes Service

to My.Fuga.Cloud

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Log4J / Log4Shell / LogJam

Where people use software, hackers will continue to look for vulnerabilities. And every once in a while, a security breach comes to light, which shakes the world to its foundations. On Friday, December 10, 2021, a leak was added to the illustrious list of predecessors, this time a leak in Apache Log4j. The vulnerability has been designated CVE-2021-44228 and is also known as Log4Shell or LogJam. The Apache Log4j 2 tool is part of the open-source Apache framework commonly used for logging Java applications.

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