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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #14

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #14

There they were, our Fuganeers, sitting in the sun behind the laptop. Vacation? No….. They were busy working, on Kubicon. They returned full of inspiration and impressions. They’ve seen and learned a lot, and now they’re all going to turn that into cool features for us! But not everyone was there. The “ones staying at home” have been working hard on something that had been on our wish list for a while; The DNS Global Pool. And it’s time for a party, the CysoGroup customer day is coming, will we see you there?

DNS Global pool

DNS Global Pool

Did you already know that it is possible to manage your APIs and DNS within the Fuga portal? And not only that, at Fuga it is also possible to manage a subdomain from our platform. (You can find it under “Services / DNS” in the left menu)

Our standard DNS pool is optimised for European use. And if you need worldwide, you can now also opt for the Global Pool. So from today, you get around the world even faster! Get started right away with my DNS in My.Fuga.Cloud

CysoGroup Customer Day

CysoGroup Customer Day

This year our sister organisation Cyso is celebrating its 25th anniversary. And you will understand that we are not going to let that pass quietly. We hope to be able to raise a glass with many relations and customers at the CysoGroup customer day. But before the drinks and networking Barry van Kampen, Security Technologist at ITQ, will take us into the world of cyber security with stories and hack demos. And of course we are also there so that you can take a look at our latest developments, ask questions or get acquainted ‘in person’. During the meal you can enjoy live music by Kim de Boer.

Please be aware that the security-talk will be in Dutch Register for this event

Fuga Academy

What would you like to see in the Academy?

We are continuously working on new developments and improvements. We always appreciate your input, but this time we are asking for feedback about the Academy. We have already devised and analysed a few things ourselves, but there is definitely room for your input. What do you miss in the Fuga Academy? What would you rather see differently? What would be a nice addition? With what can we make you happy? Help us make it truly your cloud. Please mail your feedback



Our sister organisation Cyso exists 25 years, which we will celebrate on the CysoGroup customer day. Undoubtedly, memories will be shared. Thinking about this, made us look back at the history of the internet, the Cloud and Fuga. Take a peek at the timeline

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We are still busy with EMK. We are picking up the first test results and are putting the last puzzle pieces in place. They will present Kubernetes 1.24 at KubeCon (May 16-20, 2022). You understand that Fuga will also be there with a delegation, sitting front row to hear about this major update. Because we love the product, but more than that, we want to support this version directly with Fuga EMK at this launch.

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