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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #05

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #05

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been doing nothing at Fuga these past few weeks. We have been busy with all kinds of improvements and developments. In the background and the “upcoming releases”, so keep an eye on the newsletter because nice things are coming soon.

Nederlandse Cloud verbeteren

Help us improve ourselves

We are only human and therefore we like to receive compliments. But we may learn even more from your questions, comments, and (constructive) feedback. And if we want to be, stay or become your ideal platform, we need that input. One way to do that is to give us an NPS score (report grade) and we really appreciate it if you leave some feedback as well. Thank you in advance, You Are The Best!

I want to pass on my NPS score (+ feedback)

Cloud support tickets

Your own mailbox is now in the dashboard

You may have already seen the message on my.fuga.cloud, but you are now the proud owner of your own mailbox! This makes it even easier to communicate with our cloud specialists. Creating a ticket has never been so easy.

At the bottom right is the button for your mailbox. Here you can submit a new ticket, follow the status, and read the response. It is even possible to view the history of your tickets. Always handy if a solution has ever been suggested that you can use again but doesn’t remember exactly the how and what.

We will also continue to send the responses to your email address, simply because we understand that there are some moments when you are not on the Fuga Platform, but would like to know the answer asap.

I want to explore my Fuga Mailbox!

Prometheus monitoring dashboard

Create your own Prometheus monitoring dashboard

Monitoring your web service(s) is essential; it gives you valuable information about how the service is used, what resources are needed, and - in case of a problem - it helps you solve problems. Fortunately, Traefik plays nicely with the widely used open-source monitoring system Prometheus.

Reserve 1 to 2 hours of your time (depending on your knowledge) and go through our fresh tutorial: “How to monitor your Traefik ingress with Prometheus and Grafana”. And you will have your monitoring dashboard as a reward.

I want to create my own Prometheus Dashboard!

Cloud specialist Thomas

These are the hands of … Thomas

Thomas is our new intern and would like to introduce himself. We have high hopes for this new team member as he has set the record for “rolling out OpenStack by interns”.

Meet Thomas

Cloud kennissessies

Knowledge session and drinks

Thursday, September 23, knowledge sessions will be held by both CysoFuga CloudSQR.NL, and Kings of IT. They tell the ‘war stories’ that they deal with on a daily basis and – more interestingly – what solutions they come up with. There is also time to ask questions and afterward enjoy a good conversation with a drink and a snack. (we are organizing this event under the Covid measures in force at the time, to anticipate this we have a limited number of places available, so be quick to reserve your seat!)

Please note that the knowledge sessions will be in Dutch only.

I understand Dutch and want to be there!

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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #04

Most people celebrate vacation time, but we keep going full speed. New developments, new tutorial, fresh updates. So enough intro talk, on to the real Fun&Facts. GPU update The Beta testers have been busy and have done a great job. The prices have also been determined, so no questions left there. We will be working hard in the coming period to put the last dots on the I so we can go live with this service quickly.

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