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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #08

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #08

The year is coming to an end and, we are busy wrapping things up. It’s a perfect time for an update in this newsletter. We stay busy with tutorials, how you can still earn swag, our NPS score, and a status update on Frankfurt and GAIA-X. Furthermore, Fuga Direct Connect is new and is now available to you. Lars, among others, has worked on this, and we would like to introduce him (and his hands) to you.

Fuga Direct Connect

Fuga Direct Connect

With Fuga Direct Connect, it is possible to set up physically dedicated connections to the Fuga Cloud platform. Extend your (business) infrastructure to public and private Fuga Cloud Compute sources. You have the whole world at your fingertips without reliance on the public internet. For on-premises to Fuga Hybrid Cloud Computing, the physical connectivity delivers quite a few benefits, including reduced latency and increased network performance. In addition, you have the management of the data flow - how the data flows in and out of your network - in your own hands, with which you can control and reduce the general operational costs. Connect your Fuga Cloud privately to other cloud service providers, colocation facilities or on-premises data centres. Fuga Direct Connect is the physical Ethernet connection from Fuga Cloud (and the world) to you!

Read more about Networking

Tutorial update

Tutorial update

There are currently two very enthusiastic interns at Fuga who are going through all the tutorials in the Fuga Academy. Not only to increase their knowledge of Cloud Computing but also to check the current articles. Articles are updated again, errors removed, and additional articles written where necessary. But not only that, the ideas for new articles keep coming. Do you also have a good idea for a tutorial? Because you miss it or to supplement an already existing one? Let us know!

Mail your tip to hello@fuga.cloud

Earn swag

Do you not have a tip, but have you already written a tutorial yourself? Share it within the Fuga Community and send it to us! We will place your tutorial in the Fuga Academy if it’s an addition to the existing ones. In return for your effort, we’ll send you some original Fuga swag as our way to thank you.

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NPS score

NPS score

The Net Promoter Score is a number given to the rate someone would recommend an organization, service or product to others. It is an indication of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Because the higher the number, the more satisfied the customer or user is.

We have sent our customers an email asking them to pass on this score and provide additional feedback. Of course, we like to receive compliments, which makes us happy. But we are also pleased to hear critical notes. Because this encourages us to improve, pushes us to better results because we learn what you as a customer need to make the best use of our products. Precisely because of the feedback, we are now thinking behind the scenes about how we can, for example, provide a clear timeline or updates about the “Soon to come” products. When we’ve come up with a solution, we will certainly tell you in a future edition of Fun & Facts.

We have also translated the numbers we receive for the NPS into an old-fashioned school report figure, and we score a beautiful 8.25. Haven’t submitted your score and feedback yet? Please help us improve and send your grade today!

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Update FRA en GAIA-X

FUGA update

Europe is a theme within Fuga. So we are ready to roll out our Frankfurt region. The plan was to be able to share the action photos with you around this time. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for some hardware parts, so we have to postpone FRA for a while….

And then you may have also read that Scaleway, the cloud branch of the French operator Iliad, has withdrawn from the GAIA-X project. Scaleway has lost faith in GAIA-X’s goal of regaining digital sovereignty in Europe. At Fuga we think very differently about this! We still believe in GAIA-X, the OPEN way of thinking and working together. So we remain affiliated with the CiC (Cloud Infrastructure Coalition, the Dutch part of the European project GAIA-X), to contribute to a better European Cloud.

Blog: Is GAIA-X still alive?

Meet Lars

These are the hands of … Lars

These are the hands of Lars. These hands have already made many beautiful and usable things for the Fuga Platform. Lars is one of our developers. But we would be very short-sighted if we would leave it at that. So it’s time to get to know the man of these hands a little better.

Meet Lars

Wanted: Python Developer (32-40 UUR) For our location in the Netherlands, Alkmaar, we are looking for a developer. Do you know, or are you, our future Fuganeer? Check this job (sorry, only in Dutch)

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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #07

How was your Halloween? Didn’t it turn into a nightmare because backups weren’t good or servers went ghost? Here at Fuga we didn’t let ourselves be distracted by ghost stories but continued with what we were doing. There is little news to report in the FRA region, but developments there are progressing smoothly. We are working on our website, the Fugue Academy and of course our platform. No big news in that area right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re standing around and looking pretty.

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