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We’re attending the OpenStack Summit

We’re attending the OpenStack Summit

This week, the OpenStack Summit is taking place in Austin, Texas. The OpenStack Summit is the most important OpenStack gathering, taking place every 6 months. Thousands of developers, cloud administrators, operators and decision makers attend the conference to discuss the current state and future of OpenStack. It’s actually two events in one: The OpenStack Conference and the OpenStack Ops & Design Summit.

At the OpenStack Conference, industry leaders and other businesses present and discuss their use cases and share their experience with the OpenStack community. It’s the perfect event to learn from other users, find out about new products and developments, as well as participate in workshops and discussion forums.

The OpenStack Ops & Design Summit is where the future of OpenStack is discussed and determined. OpenStack developers meet up to discuss the requirements of the next software release and decide upon a roadmap on how to get there.

Because we consider it important to stay as much informed as possible about the future of the OpenStack platform and get a chance to let our voice and opinion be heard as well, we’ve attended these summits in the past and are present this time as well. If you’re there and interested to discuss Fuga and OpenStack with us, we’re more than happy to meet up. Let us know, and we’ll find a place and time.

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Using Fuga for Software Development

Although there are a zillion possible uses for Fuga and the OpenStack platform, some are more evident than others. The flexibility and scalability of OpenStack, combined with the many features of the APIs, creates an ideal environment for application development and (automated) deployment. This is evidenced by quite a significant percentage of our beta-testers and early adopters being software development companies, like Ambrero Software B.V.. Besides technical features, there are also business considerations why you would want to switch to a public cloud platform instead of hosting at one or several (managed or shared) hosting providers.

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