Fuga News: Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) Launch
Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) Launch

Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) Launch

We are proud to announce our new Cloud region named AMS2. This region will launch on March 31st, 2021 at 10:00 AM.

How do you get access to this new cloud region?

When you are logged in on our current dashboard you will see a pop-up telling you that you can roll out your own environment on AMS2. When you do this, you will have access to AMS2 within seconds.

Cloud project switch Your current environment on AMS1 will not be affected and you will be able to switch between both regions within the dashboard.

What’s new in AMS2?

AMS2 has various new features and most components have been upgraded to newer versions and will offer more options.

Multi-master kubernetes cluster

Multi-master and automatic updates for Kubernetes Clusters

KaaS now supports the latest versions of Kubernetes. We offer version 1.18.15 as the most recent tested version. It is now also possible to run a multi-master setup and clusters can be upgraded to newer versions when they become available.

DNS as a Service

Using DNS as a Service to host your own DNS domains in Fuga Cloud.

We now offer DNS as a Service. You can choose between Global (€4.99/mo) and European resolving (€0.99/mo). Both of these are accelerated via anycast. Add your domain now and you can manage your records via our dashboard or using the API.

Cloud certificates

Store your certificates and keys in our Secret Store for easy access by Fuga Cloud Services

To store your secrets (TLS certificates for instance) safely, we now offer our Secret Store. Your secrets are stored encrypted and can be easily accessed by the Fuga Cloud Services.

Introducing scalable (elastic) load balancers with SSL offloading

With your TLS certificates stored in the Secret Store you can now select them when creating a new Load Balancer. There are also a lot more protocols available: HTTP, HTTPS, PROXY, PROXYV2, SCTP, TCP, and UDP.

Load Balancer Layer 7 Rules & Policies, or Application Load Balancing is now available via our LBaaS.

Multi-attached volumes

You can now attach a volume to more than one instance. A tutorial on this will be published shortly on the Fuga Academy.

What are the future plans for Fuga Cloud?

We would not have been able to build this region without the feedback of you, our valued customers. That’s why we want to thank all our customers for their feedback and trust. But as mentioned, the cloud is ever-developing and we can’t stand still. If you’re missing a service from our cloud offering, please let us know via chat, e-mail or phone. We’ll put it on our roadmap. At this moment we’re developing new services such as File Store, DBaaS, and GPU support. We’re also on the verge of launching a new region in Frankfurt (FRA1) Germany.

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Updates Corona Virus / COVID-19

UPDATE: 12 MARCH 2020 Because our health is one of the most important things in our lives, we at Fuga Cloud are also concerned about the coronavirus. To safeguard the continuity of our services over a longer period, we will therefore take an extra set of precautionary measures; We split the employees of the Cyso Group into an A and B side. One team works at home for a whole week.

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