Complete freedom with our flexible and advanced network options

Your flexible network

Advanced networking options for your cloud environment

  • Fully redundant network
  • 20 Gigabit connections
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) possible
  • Easy to manage
  • DDoS protection
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Complete freedom with our flexible and advanced networking options

Fuga Cloud offers advanced networking options for your cloud environment. You combine instances as you want and need.

Our network is fully redundant and offers super-fast connections, both internally and to the internet. The network connections are super fast by default and have low latency so that the network is never the bottleneck of your cloud environment. Incidentally, we do not charge any costs for internal data traffic (in other words, within and between your network environments)!

Security groups and internal networks ensure the correct separation and help you with the optimal security of your Cloud Network or VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

Ideal for

  • Secure, scalable and reliable cloud environments
  • Unlimited internal data traffic
  • Environments where network stability is crucial

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Flexible but safe

Easy to manage

Create internal networks (vLANs and DMZ), routers, load balancers and floating IPs without the help of a specialist or network engineer. Everything is easy to manage in our dashboard. If you can't figure it out 1-2-3, our Fugue Academy has several free tutorials at your disposal. And if you still want advice on something or might need some help, you can easily submit a ticket within the dashboard so that one of our cloud specialists can help you.

Security by default

At Fuga, we consider data protection of paramount importance, and that is why we pay attention to your Cloud Network Security. Article 25 of the GDPR also speaks of Security by default. So at Fuga, all ports are closed by default (default), and you can use security groups to indicate which ports you want to open. You have taken a significant step for GDPR compliance.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

You can easily create multiple VPCs via our user-friendly dashboard. Of course, you can also use CLI and API. Configure your VPC to your wishes and needs. You can specify an IP address range to connect to another network. Or configure Firewalls to control incoming and outgoing traffic.

  • Create as many Virtual Private Clouds as needed
  • Set the desired resources per VPC
  • Droplets, Kubernetes, Databases and Load-balancers are at your disposal
  • We do not charge for internal data traffic within and between your network environments.

New with a VPC? Our team of Cloud experts is ready to advise and help you on your way.

Fuga Direct Connect

With Fuga Direct Connect, it is possible to set up physically dedicated connections to the Fuga Cloud platform. Extend your (business) infrastructure to both public and private Fuga Cloud Compute sources. You have the whole world at your fingertips without reliance on the public internet. For on-premises to Fuga Hybrid Cloud Computing, the physical connectivity delivers quite a few benefits, including reduced latency and increased network performance. In addition, you have the management of the data flow - how the data flows in and out of your network - in your own hands, with which you can control and reduce the general operational costs.

Connect your Fuga Cloud privately to other cloud service providers, colocation facilities or on-premises data centres. Fuga Direct Connect is the physical Ethernet connection from Fuga Cloud (and the world) to you!

Cloud Network

Fuga Cloud Networking makes it easy to quickly create different virtual Local Area Networks (vLAN) or Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) to separate your environments. You select in which network, or multiple networks, you want to place a new instance. You can easily create more networks via our user-friendly dashboard or via our APIs.

  • Security Groups / Firewalling

    By using Security Groups, you can quickly and easily realize forceful firewalls. A security group consists of a set of IP filter rules with which you indicate which traffic has access to the instance(s) linked to the relevant security group. A security group can consist of one or more rules, and one instance can have one or more security groups.

  • Load Balancing

    Fuga Cloud Load Balancing enables you to deploy redundant instances and cloud environments easily. Instead of the instance, you link a floating IP to the load balancer. Incoming traffic is directed to the load balancer, which distributes the traffic among the associated instances. You can determine and set yourself how the load balancer distributes the incoming traffic over the instances.

  • DDoS-Bescherming

    With a DDoS attack ((Distributed) Denial-of-Service attack), an attempt is made to make services difficult or no longer accessible. One attacks the capacity, for example, of the supporting servers or network equipment of online services. At Fuga, we add an extra layer of protection on top of the standard security. This extra layer allows us to keep your hosting infrastructure online and work optimally, even if it were the target of an attack.

  • Floating IP's

    For instances that must be accessible from the internet, you need an external IP address. By assigning a floating IP to your instance or server, it gets an external IPv4 address. Floating IPs are easy to disconnect from one instance and allocate to another.

  • Breng je eigen IP

    By bringing your own IP address space, and with the help of the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), it is possible to implement your platform-independent infrastructure. Of course, without having to compromise on availability and accessibility.

  • Internet Protocol v6

    Fuga Cloud now enables the use of IPv6 in addition to IPv4. When you create an instance, you can choose between an IPv4 or an IPv6 IP address. IPv6 is developed, with security measures as standard requirements. Encryption of data traffic and checks for packet integrity is the default standard.

Cloud Network

Create and secure your (internal) network for your server platform and add floating IPs to make your application accessible to the outside world 24/7.

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2023: €1.10/mo

IPv6 net /48 IP
LBaaS Small (coming soon)
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2023: €10.945/mo

LBaaS Medium
€ 24.95/mo Create account

2023: € 27.445/mo

LBaaS Large (coming soon)
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2023: €54.945/mo

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Fuga Cloud Regions

Fuga Cloud is growing fast. We are currently working hard to get our 2nd region, Frankfurt (Germany) online. After this brand new region, we are also planning to launch a region in Italy and Spain.





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Transparent in costs, easy to use, support when needed and stored securely.

  • Pay per use

    At Fuga Cloud, you only pay for the resources you need. No setup costs or minimum purchases are charged. Through our dashboard, you always have a direct and transparent overview of your usage.

  • API, CLI & SDK

    We support you with the implementation, configuration, management and automation of your infrastructure via our dashboard. You can use our APIs, SDKs with Terraform or CLI for this.

  • Support easily accessible

    Our cloud specialists are easy and always available via chat, e-mail and telephone. But it is also possible to submit a ticket via the dashboard. Or participate in a knowledge session at our office.

  • Safe storage in NL

    We are a 100% Dutch organisation hosted in the Netherlands, in the best data centers. Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified and we are fully GDPR-proof.

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