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  • DevOps on Demand
  • Cloud Operations
  • Mission Control
  • Cyber Security
  • 24+ years of experience

Take advantage of our 24 years of experience

Cyso helps companies respond to a wide range of IT issues and challenges. We provide support and guidance and provide the technical tools that best match the characteristics of your challenges and problems. Whatever problem you’re facing, we can undoubtedly offer you a solution.

  • Support and Outsourcing

    Even if your organization is able to meet most challenges and problems regarding your online business itself, there will always be cases where you’ll find yourself wanting external expertise.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

    Complementing knowledge and skills within your organization can be realized in many different ways.

  • Design and Implementation

    To realize optimal reliability, security, performance and scalability of your online services, there’s many different aspects that need to be thought about.

  • Analysis and Advice

    When outsourcing and developing services via the Internet, it is essential to keep managing this process critically.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Efficient application development and shorter time-to-market are crucial success factors for e-commerce and other online business.

  • Expert Services

    Not every IT outsourcing issue is easy to categorize. As diverse as organizations are, the issues and challenges they struggle with are just as diverse.

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DevOps on Demand

With DevOps on Demand from Cyso you get access to specialist knowledge and experience, without having to invest in expensive personnel yourself. Our experts are there for you when you need them. When you temporarily need additional expertise, you can call us to improve your cloud environments. Your developers and administrators can continue to focus on the development of your services.
Read more about DevOps on Demand by Cyso

Cloud Operations

Are you busy developing, but is daily management of your cloud environment being pushed back? No time or other priorities? We get it. With Cloud Operations we take care of the daily management of your cloud environment, so that you can continue to work on your code.
Read more about Cloud Operations by Cyso

Mission Control

Benefit from the expertise of Mission Control Center: Cyso's security and network operations center. We specialize in troubleshooting cloud, network and security incidents and are available night and day.
Read more about Mission Control by Cyso

Cyber Security

Prevent cyber attacks: keep your online services safe with cyber security from Cyso. Does your online service need to be available 24x7? Have a proper follow up on incidents with cyber security monitoring? Then Cyso is the right place for professional advice on your cyber risks and improving your cyber defense.
Read more about Cyber Security by Cyso

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  • Eenvoudig bereikbaar  
  • ISO gecertificeerd  
  • 99.99% uptime SLA  
  • No vendor lockin  

Security is number 1 priority

Fuga Cloud does everything in its power to secure the platform. We continue to validate our efforts through periodic vulnerability assesments and penetration testing. In addition, Fuga Cloud has various certifications (ISO27001, ISO20000 and NEN7510) that ensure that our service is performed to a high standard. We are a 100% Dutch company and therefore fall under Dutch and European regulations. Within this legislation, privacy is an important factor that we fully support. After all, there is a reason we are a member of the CiC and contribute to the GAIA-X project.
We are therefore fully GDPR/AVG compliant.

In addition to our focus on security, we offer an extensive toolset that ensures that you as well can safely launch and manage your project.

  • Local Firewall and Security Groups

    Fuga offers you the possibility to create security group rules yourself. Security groups are a set of IP filter rules that define your network access.

  • Only SSH private / public key access

    Public-key authentication with Secure Shell is more secure than password authentication, because it provides much more identity checking. You must have a private key and the correct password to identify yourself to your platform.

  • Standard advanced Anti-DDoS

    Because security is very important, we ensure that all instances are standard behind our advanced Anti-DDoS layer. This means you are protected against DDoS attacks free of charge.

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Proudly made in The Netherlands Proudly made in The Netherlands

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