Meet Release 2, Fuga’s new cloud platform
Meet Release 2, Fuga’s new cloud platform

Meet Release 2, Fuga’s new cloud platform

In September 2015, the birth of Fuga Cloud Platform became a fact. A public cloud developed by Cyso, one of the last independent hosting providers in the Netherlands. We have used our knowledge and expertise, which we have acquired in the field of cloud in the past 20 years, for the development of Fuga Cloud.

Last September we celebrated the three-year anniversary of Fuga Cloud. In these three years, tens of thousands of instances have been launched and we are proud of that. Partly because our customers experience the cloud platform as very stable, fast and secure.

In the meantime, the working method within our organization has changed as we are currently implementing improvements with biweekly sprints, using the Scrum framework. In order to be able to respond quickly to continuously changing customer expectations, in addition to a flexible organization, a flexible cloud platform is required. And that is exactly the core of the problem we were running into…

The redesign of our cloud platform

In the past three years, we have received numerous feature requests from our customers. From the extension of available payment methods and role-based access control to the implementation of IPv6 and professional load balancers. Feature requests that were, unfortunately, harder to realize than expected. The cause? The inflexible foundation of our cloud platform.

For that reason, we have rebuilt Fuga Cloud from the ground up. Yuri Sijtema, Product Owner of Fuga Cloud:

“The static foundation of Release 1 prevented further development of our cloud platform. In the meantime, we have expanded the team and the knowledge of, for example, CI / CD has increased considerably. This has enabled us to build a new cloud platform that fully meets our wishes and requirements. From now on we’re able to roll out the cloud platform in less than 2 hours. This makes it much easier to increase the number of regions and to divert to other countries in the future.”

Completely renewed network layer

In addition to the acceleration of the IT development process, we have implemented more improvements. For example, Release 2 is equipped with a new network layer that enables us to develop advanced network solutions. Network solutions like an advanced and professional load balancer, the support of IPv6 and the possibility to link IPs directly to your instance. In addition, we have further reduced the network latency by 30%, which means that our hosted services react even faster.

Improved dashboard

The dashboard has also been completely rebuilt. We have opted for an API-driven approach. This creates a modular and scalable front-end, allowing us to iterate much faster. In addition, the loading speed of pages within the dashboard has improved considerably. With the rebuilding of the dashboard, we also looked critically at how we could further improve the user experience. For example, we have chosen to open access to the dashboard for everyone. That means you can now experience our dashboard without having a completely registered account. Of course, we expect more information from you in case you want to launch any of the services we provide. Experience the new dashboard yourself.

State-of-the-art hardware

We immediately took the opportunity to take a critical look at all parts under the bonnet. Also in this area, we have made the necessary investments to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. This ensures that we are still at the top of the market in terms of performance (also check the benchmarks below). But there is more … As cloud stands for flexibility we chose to improve the way we offer our compute services. We have developed a new line-up with flavors so that we have an appropriate answer to every hosting issue. And it certainly does not stop there, so keep an eye at Fuga Cloud in the near future!

The first benchmarks

As you have read above, we have not been idle in recent months and the cloud platform has become much more flexible than before. But what you are probably curious about is the performance of Fuga Cloud Platform Release 2. And fortunately … the hard work is also rewarded there. Below you will find our first benchmarks.

Single core geekbench score

DigitalOceanAWSVultrFugaFugaRelease 2

Volume storage geekbench score

AWS EBSRead iopsWrite iopsDigital OceanStandard VolumeFuga RegularVolumeFuga Release2 Volume

Ephemeral storage geekbench score

VultrRead iopsWrite iopsFugaDigitalOceanFugaRelease 2

Get started now with Fuga Cloud

Release 2 is a cloud platform that enables us to add new features at lightning speed and respond to continuously changing customer needs. A cloud platform you all have been waiting for, which is ready for the future!


Are you an existing customer of Fuga Cloud Platform and are you curious about the differences between Release 1 and Release 2? To make life easier, we have made a comparison for you here.

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