When did you start at the Cyso Group?

I started May 1 as a Webmaster / Marketer at Fuga Cloud

And? How did you experience the reception?

Nice. Warmly. Friendly. Despite the Covid measures and working from home, everyone is doing their best to make you welcome and feel at home.

You now work as a webmaster at an IT company. Where do you see your love for technology?

I am a front-ender and I like clean code. I love the motto “less is more”, both in design and in code, actually.

Without which device can’t you live?

I can do without all devices. If I have to survive, a lighter to make a fire will come handy. But I think I can manage without it. I can go off-grid. The yogi in me wants and needs to be impuls-free every now and than, so i can recharge. The Yin and Yang in me are creativity + digital versus peace + quiet/nature. In addition to my work for Fuga, I also teach yoga and am i exploring the spiritual world. Both these sides keep me in balance and ensure that I don’t go crazy in this society.

Tech development you are most looking forward to?

I especially look forward to sustainable developments. We are exploiting Mother Earth. I think we can last longer with products and be less of a “throwaway & consumption society”.
Such as Shell, which produced- experimental - artificial kerosene with hydrogen, produced with solar energy and captured CO2. No carbon dioxide is released when synthetic kerosene is burned in an aircraft engine. Another example, I recently read that people (Akzo Nobel and a start-up) can make a coating for cars from wood where the residual product is only water. This coating is added to paint so that it hardens better. It would be nice if there was a tipping point and that these kinds of innovations become profitable.

What is your favorite app on your phone?

Whatsapp for scribbles and sharing my location with my husband (for safety when traveling alone)
Pinterest for inspiration
Facebook (I post little but maintain contact with certain people)

Do you have a favorite game?

I don’t play games. Not online then. I think it’s hilarious to play (board) games with friends. I play for fun and not for the absolute win.

Do you have IoT devices at home?

Solar panels, but otherwise I’m not a big fan of Big Brother.

What are your favorite tech sites?

I will now study that for Fuga. I didn’t necessarily need that in my previous positions. (Got any tips?)

What is your humor?

Oh, I like a little sarcasm. I also love English humor, like Little Britain, Monty Python, Blackadder, Smack the Pony, etc.

What gives you goosebumps?

Beautiful music. That can be from classical to reggae and old ska (I often play that at home). Oh, but also good food. Fantastic if the chef knows how to prepare something that makes your senses explode. Especially Asian can have that. I also tasted magical things at Lucas Rive (Dutch 1-star Michellin chef). Unfortunately he is no longer amongst us.

If you unexpectedly have a day off, what will you do?

Then I might be boring, because then I go for a walk or do some gardening. As soon as the Covid regulations allowit, I will go out to discover new things. Take a museum, for example, I think the Teylers Museum in Haarlem is a place-to-go because they have everything. From those cabinets of curiosities, but also in the field of science.

What are your favorite movies or series?

Hahaha, how long do you have? Ratched: A beautifully styled and weird story. But also Queen’s Gambit: coming of age and chess beautifully portrayed! Maybe less known but worth it: Coen Brothers and Raise the Red Lantern. The last one is a beautiful Chinese film about the battle and struggle of the concubines and the price you pay for it. And don’t forget: Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. But of course he created more good films.

Finally, a few dilemmas for you:

Sun holiday or winter sports?

Sun vacation.

Orange or blue?

Blue, I hate orange. I’ve had my whole life. Must have something to do with soccer.

LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram?

Then I choose LinkedIn. That’s the most useful i think.

Television or Netflix?

Netflix, because I can choose myself. Has a different offer and you can select according to your own taste.

IPA or wheat beer?

Is water also allowed? I don’t drink beer. I used to work behind the bar in a youth center and got so much beer all over me in those years, that I had enough for the rest of my life. Actually, I rarely drink alcohol (sorry for the shock effect).

Evening of cabaret or stand-up comedians?

Cabaret, because then you choose the comedian you’d like to see. We have visited several Toomler-like evenings in theaters, but that was too often disappointing.

Appingedam or Alblasserdam?

checks Google maps where those places are Appingedam, I am a real northerner.

Eating at home with friends or eating alone in a 3 star restaurant?

It’s a dream of mine to experience a 3-star diner, but I still go for the warmth and love of an evening with friends. Delicious cooking, eating peacefully and then having a long evening with good conversations and hopefully a lot of laughter.

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