These are the hands of … Thomas

Thomas is our new intern and would like to introduce himself. We have high hopes for this new team member as he has set the record for “rolling out OpenStack by interns”.

Hi, my name is Thomas, and today I introduce myself :) For the Technical Informatics course, I will be doing my graduation internship at Fuga Cloud for half a year. Here they have a lot of expertise from OpenStack and I’m going to do research on collecting performance data from compute instances. For this, in the third year of my education, I was able to do an internship at ENGIE Factory automation in Zaandam. Here I was allowed to conduct research into connecting wireless sensors to their MES toolbox.

What do you hope to take with you from your Fuga time?

Of course, I hope to learn a lot about OpenStack and all the systems that are used around it to make the services that the customers use work. And of course to have a pleasant graduation internship. But above all, I want to experience what it is like to participate in the “real” IT world. I’ve had part-time jobs and at school, I learn programming, but I have yet to experience the dynamics of a team on the work floor. So I’m especially curious how I’m going to find my way in that and what position I can take.

The man behind the hands?

I am someone who likes to be active, to dive deep into a problem, or to be active outdoors. At the weekend I sometimes go mountain biking in the dunes. Walking and swimming are also very popular to do. In addition to sports, I also give swimming lessons 1 or 2 times a week.

What is your ideal vacation spot?

Somewhere in nature with a beautiful view.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I’m not quite sure about that yet, but definitely something in IT.

Cloud Thomas

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What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is the term used for the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet, where you only pay for what you use. So you do not physically own a data center or server, but rent it from a cloud provider. The advantage is that you can use all the computing power, storage and databases you need (and often upscaling or downsizing within a few clicks), without having to take care of maintenance.

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