Name: Lars

Jobtitle: Full Stack Engineer and Security Officer

Employed at Fugue since 2017

What is your background (education, interests, experience, etc.)?

I have a graphic background. My parents were both graphic designers and owned an advertising agency in Alkmaar. There I spent many hours in Photoshop and Painter. Years later, I bought my first modem and published my first website. While using the internet, I also learned about programming, databases and web servers. In addition to my studies, I was able to earn quite a bit by building websites. Many projects later, I still enjoy working in technology, albeit at a different level for the challenge.

Favourite quote?

YAGNI is not a quote but an acronym for ‘You Aren’t Gonna Need It’. The statement stems from software development and is widely applicable; You should not do work now on the assumption that it might be useful in the future. It is a good method to work efficiently.

Which site/blog/podcast/social should we check out?

Hacker News, a social news site where general tech news is tipped and discussed. This website is a springboard for me to current technical knowledge.

From which project have you learned the most?

I learned the most from developing the second region, and along with that the second iteration of Fuga Cloud. In addition to new techniques, I have also learned that an online service product is never finished but will always evolve as long as customers use it. And that is a feature you need to keep in mind when designing.

On what project are you currently working?

At this moment, I am expanding the monitoring of our GPU service. This helps our own breakdown service to guarantee the quality of our GPU service.

What will our customers gain from that?

With GPUs, our customers can accelerate graphics processes, without investing in expensive video cards themselves.

Lars in action

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5 reasons to choose Fuga Cloud

1. Meet all the requirements of the GDPR The Dutch requirements for secure data storage are very strict. And for many standards and certificates, you have to meet these requirements. The fact that Microsoft or Google are building data centers in the Netherlands does not mean that they instantly comply with the GDPR. They fall out of it. The rules apply to the location of the mother company and not to the physical location of the servers.

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