Name: Bram

Jobtitle: Python Developer/Backend Developer

Employed at Fuga since March 1, 2022

What is your background (education, interests, experience, etc.)?

I am very broadly interested. I like sports, currently in the form of mountain biking. Gaming also remains a fun activity, in which I also vary a lot in what I play. I also like to be creative, you can think of Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. But I also love to draw on paper, make models from cardboard and tinker with wood. In addition, I try to teach myself to play the piano, and I also like learning languages. Because of my broad interests, the choice for a study was not easy, but I eventually opted for Artificial Intelligence at the UvA.

Favourite quote?

“Double toppings is double life” - Muriël, my wife. To us, this is metaphor for enjoying the little things in life. If you think about the beautiful little things in life, your life will become more beautiful.

Which site/blog/podcast/social should we check out?

I’m not really into blogs, podcasts and social media. I’ve been checking out Reddit a bit these days because it offers a lot of variety, and you can completely personalize it. But I believe that social media only worsens your image of the world and yourself. Instead of focusing on the people who give you a wrong idea of ​​what their life is like and thereby changing yourself, you can also spend more time on the people who matter in your life, your friends and family.

From which project have you learned the most?

In the short time I’ve been working here, I haven’t done many projects yet. But I think I learned the most in a small project, the memorial entry. I learned from this that, in addition to testing, good communication is of great importance.

On what project are you currently working?

The backend of EMK. A big project for the whole team in which I also do my part.

What will our customers gain from that?

It allows our customers to start using EMK via our dashboard immediately after creating an account. They don’t have to provide further information.

Meet Bram

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