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MEET Front-end Developer MARINO

MEET Front-end Developer MARINO

When did you start at the Cyso Group?

I have been working at Cyso Group for 6.5 years. I started as a web designer/marketer at Cyso in the Internet Editorial department. Here we developed and maintained all communication activities of Cyso. Not much later we developed the first portal of an OpenStack project within Cyso. This eventually became Fuga Cloud. The marketing department has also taken the first steps in realizing a shared hosting company, called SQR.NL. The development of the website was barely completed when we went through a major change in the organizational structure. We switched to scrum and the teams were divided per business unit. I joined the Fuga Cloud team and I still work there with great enthusiasm.

What is your position at Fuga?

Well what is my job… Mainly front-end developer. The dashboard has been developed by us from the ground up to increase user-friendliness significantly. I also maintain our activities on Online Marketing and I am responsible for the support of our customers. So there is a good chance that if you are a Fuga Cloud customer you will come in contact with me. I also interact with the Cyso Group financial department to keep the Fuga Cloud accounting in order.

Fuga works agile according to the scrum methodology. How do you experience that??

Now that you are talking about scrum…. I am also the scrum master of our team. I think it’s time for a raise now I’ve summed it all up like that. 😉 Fuga Cloud is a small team with a large range of tasks. We try to tackle this as best we can as a self-managing team. This is not always easy within the elements we work. Introverted technicians, the very latest (open source) techniques and the previously mentioned tasks for a relatively small team.

What are you proud of achieving with Fuga?

The dashboard. We have built this from the ground up and ensure that Fuga Cloud can be used a lot more user-friendly. I still see plenty of things that could be improved, but that’s also part of the mentality within the team: it can always be better. But what we have achieved in a short period of time is certainly something I am proud of. I’m also proud of the team that on March 31 of this year, we’ve launched a completely new platform that is future-proof.

What is your dream to achieve with Fuga?

I would like to achieve my personal ambitions within Fuga Cloud. The new platform has been deployed in such a way that it is easy to duplicate. We are therefore planning to go international soon. The first step is a region in Frankfurt and hopefully more will follow soon, making us a nice cloud alternative for all major US clouds such as Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. I hope my role in this growth is important and appreciated.

What are your favorite tech sites?

I can’t resist to advertise: Fuga Cloud. There you can find several useful tutorials from creating a server with Ansible, for example, to configuring your Object Store buckets so that your files are safely used in your application. Furthermore, I regularly check Smashing Magazine, Frankwatching, Abduzeedo, Dribbble and I’m probably forgetting a few.

Do you have another project you are working on nowadays?

Myself. By reading books in self-development such as Getting Things Done and other interesting books, for example about nutrition (only i find that a bit difficult to integrate in my life). But I have to say that reading has slowed down a bit lately. I also try to exercise regularly. I have a small gym in a room so I have no excuse not to go 😉

There is a beer-tap in the Roeter (office building). Which beer should be connected to that?

Hahaha, I drink beer regularly. I don’t really care what brand this is. As long as it isn’t Amstel.

Finally, a few dilemmas for you:

Cycling or by motorbike?

Phew, I often take the bike because I find the movement necessary. But if I’ve already had the exercise, I’ll choose a nice round on the motorcycle.

Netflix or Videoland?

I have both of them, but Netflix has a bit more to offer. So Netflix.

iOS or Android?

Android. Have had Samsung for many years and really like it.

Windows, Linux orMacOS?

MacOS, is the nicest.

Orange or blue?

Blue happens to be my favorite color. Oh wait, is this also a disguised choice between Cyso and Fuga? 😉

A 3 month holiday or to win a hundred thousand euro?

Hundred thousand. A 3 months vacation is a very long time and with that kind of money you can have so much fun.

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