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Fuga Update: Progress and what features to expect in our next region

Fuga Update: Progress and what features to expect in our next region

We live in exciting times, the fast technological developments are stacking up and before we know it we’re going to be in self-driving cars and on our way to colonize Mars. Okay well, maybe it’ll take a while before this all happens.

However, today I have exciting news because I’m allowed to talk about the development of our second region and especially some new features you can expect in the near future.

Yeah, I know we’re still in private beta and it will take some time for us to officially launch our second region. So sorry guys, you’ll have to be patient before you can implement these new features onto your platforms.

But I’m going to give you a short overview of what to expect in the future. Anyway, as I always find the future very exciting, let’s dive into it.

CentOS 7.5 1804 First of all, as I said in a previous update, there’s Single Sign On. We’ve also redesigned our registration flow and we’re going to introduce more payment methods. Technically we’ve redesigned our network stack which includes far better load balancing (LBaaSv2), IPv6 and gives us a lot more possibilities, which will be announced in the future. We’ll also be introducing domain support and namespaces which will enable us to support S3 v4 for our Object Store. All these are features, requested by our customers.

The features I just mentioned are already running in the private beta of our second region. That’s not stopping us to get even more features in, as we are cranking up the security and stability of our second region. We’re going to add the ability to have multiple users working on a single project. It is also going to be possible to add several projects to your account.

We’re still working hard to get a first stable release and will continue to add new features on the go. We’ll keep you posted on our latest developments. Of course, please keep giving us feedback and feature requests.

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