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CloudFest 2022
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CloudFest 2022

On Sunday evening, March 20, 2022, we can be found with the entire team at the test location in the Netherlands. We have packed our bags, loaded the cars with our stand and materials, and reserved seats for the train. For some of us, it will be the first visit to CloudFest others have been there before. The previous editions of CloudFest brought the global cloud computing industry together but it looks like the 2022 edition will be more European oriented, given the (Covid) circumstances. Either way, we are ready, we’re excited, and we’re all curious to see what it will bring us.

It has been a long travel day when we arrive at the Europapark in Rust, Germany, on Monday afternoon. And although we have not completed the journey together, we almost arrive at the same time. So we unload the car, check-in at the hotel and receive the necessary badges and bands due to the Covid measures still in force. We quickly set up our booth with just a few hands, curious whether the devised concept would show. The results are impressive. Satisfied, full of confidence and motivated, we dive into the night. CloudFest 2022 can begin!

Traditionally, CloudFest opens with the Dutch Night. A cosy network moment where old acquaintances can greet and meet each other. And where the rookies, perhaps a bit shy, can meet industry peers. After all, CloudFest is the cloud computing event where various cloud providers, service providers and hosting and data center parties meet. Some schedule an appointment for a business meeting, but the informal predominates. You can feel that everyone is happy that a physical event is possible again.

CloudFest 2022

On Tuesday, the doors of the event open. Primarily we are here to present Fuga Cloud. To talk about our cloud services and promote and demonstrate our latest product EMK (Enterprise Managed Kubernetes). We offer a boarding pass with a code for a ‘30 day free flight’ on our EMK platform as a special exhibition promotion. Therefore, we designed our booth as a boarding gate, a terminal where you can check-in. Or, in this case, you can pick up your boarding pass with a personal code for a 100% discount. Because at Fuga, you can check in at any time that suits you and from any location. No limits, no boundaries, that’s Fuga Cloud.

But we are also here as part of the Cysogroup. After all, our sisters Cyso and SQR also offer good services. The diversity in questions and visitors to our stand also makes it possible to talk about our wide range of services. To explain how easy it is for us to switch between the parties and thus be very flexible in what we can offer. For example, the managed cloud solution turns out to be a popular topic that many parties need.

An eye-catcher is our mobile cloud, ‘the Fugatron’. It is a portable cabinet that houses a fully functioning cloud. Regularly a technician stands hypnotized, looking at the lights, peeking through the window to see if he, or she, can discover what’s inside.

Wednesday evening, we are packing the stand again. After two days of demonstrations, conversations, handing out boarding passes and stroopwafels, it is already over for us. CloudFest 2022 has allowed us to introduce ourselves to new businesses and interlocutors. In the following weeks, it is our task to send the desired additional information and follow up on conversations.

From beta test to production

But it’s also time to rejoin the team that stayed in the office during CloudFest and worked hard on EMK. To help cross the t’s and dot the i’s. It’s time to process the findings of the first group of beta testers and bring in the second group of selected beta testers. It is time to continue working on getting our Enterprise Managed Kubernetes ready. Not just demonstration ready, but full-proof production-ready. After all, we want everyone soon to be able to use this service in a safe, high-availability and fast environment.

Want to know more about EMK?

Go to There you will find more information, and you can leave your email address so that we will notify you as soon as EMK is available. If you would like to know what our EMK can do for your use case or organization, please send an email to, describe the situation and one of our cloud experts will answer you. We are happy to think along with you!

EMK webinar

Somewhere between the final tests and the launch of the EMK platform, we would like to introduce you to our Enterprise Managed Kubernetes. We want to do this in the form of a webinar. You can then join from your location. We will give a short introduction of Fuga, Enterprise Managed Kubernetes and an extensive demonstration of the EMK platform. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to ask questions. You can then get started well prepared on the day of launch! If you are unable to attend this webinar live, please sign up as well, we will record it in its entirety and send the link afterwards so that you can see it all or watch it again. So don’t hesitate and register for the EMK webinar


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