IPv6 - Launch your instance with IPv6

Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6)

  • Improved security features
  • Faster data transmission
  • Abundant amount of addresses
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  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 20000
  • NEN 7510
  • GDPR Ready

Why IPv6?

#1 Improved security features

IPv4 was never meant to be secure due to the state of the internet at the time IPv4 was developed. A lot of the security features were glued to IPv4 post development. On the contrary, IPv6 has been built from the ground up with security in mind. Security features are therefore integrated as default requirements. Traffic encryption and packet integrity checks are provided to protect standard internet traffic.

#2 Faster data transmission

IPv6 simplifies the handling of packets and does it more efficiently than IPv4. Also, with IPv6, there is no need to check packet integrity. Therefore data transmission is faster because the router has more time to move data.

#3 Abundant amount of addresses

IPv6 is necessary because all 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses are already taken. With IPv6, the amount of available addresses is expanded to 340 undecillion addresses. That's 340 times 10 to the 36th power, or 340 trillion trillion trillion possible IP addresses.

In Fuga Cloud (Release 2), you can choose either IPv4 or IPv6 for your instances. Experience the advantages for yourself and get started now.

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