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All the tools you'll need for your cloud platform


Self-Service Cloud Portal

You're in full control with our three different interfaces for managing your virtual infrastructure.

Fuga Cloud offers three different interfaces to manage and control your cloud platform. Fuga Cloud is fully based on APIs making it possible to scale and deploy automatically. Giving you full control over your platform, Ideal for DevOps.

  • User-friendly dashboard

    Fuga Cloud's user-friendly web interface is called Horizon. You can use it to create your servers (instances), storage and networks. Besides this basic functionality, it also has many more features to manage platforms and configurations.

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  • Command Line Interface

    You can use the native OpenStack Command-Line Interface (CLI) tools to interact with your Fuga Cloud environment. For each API, there is a separate CLI tool with its own set of commands.

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  • RESTful API

    Our OpenStack is fully controllable by the APIs that we made available. Even our Dashboard makes sole use of APIs. For Example, use the OpenStack API to launch server instances, create images or assign metadata to instances and images. You can also create containers and objects and complete other actions in your OpenStack cloud.


With Fuga Compute, can quickly build servers and instances for your platform. It's the engine of any cloud environment. All of our compute instances are equipped with fast local SSD (ephemeral) storage. Every instance offers you a great amount of free traffic. You can easily change the resource or automatically scale out to extra instances when your platform or application requires it.

  • Deploy in seconds

  • Powerful API

  • Infinite OS combinations

  • Root administrator access

  • 100% Intel cores

  • Fast SSD

OS images on demand

Fuga Cloud provides a wide range of ready-to-use OS images for your instances, or you can create and upload your own. Making it easy to deploy instances with your preferred operating system in seconds.

Volume Storage

Fuga Cloud Volume storage or block storage allows you to mount high performing scalable storage to your instance or server. Making it easy to manage your storage capacity. All data is stored and replicated 3 times across our high-availability cluster. Volume Storage delivers a high I/O performance on storage technologies running on enterprise-grade hardware. You can choose three different types of volume storage, low, medium and high based on fast SSD storage, so it always fits your purpose.

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Highly redundant

  • Snapshots and back-up

  • No long-term contracts

Object Store

Fuga Cloud provides highly scalable object storage. The Object Store is designed to scale for huge amounts of data, using clustered enterprise storage hardware. Object storage is particularly well suited for inexpensive storage of, for example, virtual machine images, photos, emails and backup archives. Data is stored and striped across at least three different locations to prevent data loss.

  • Full redundancy

  • unlimited storage capacity

  • incremental storage on-demand


Create isolated regional private networks for your instances or add multiple IPv4 addresses to connect to the outside. Create network connectivity, assign (floating) IPs and use Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) to create redundant platforms. Provides an API for users to automatically define internal and external networks. Making it easy to secure and have full control over the access management of your platform.

  • Security Groups

  • Load balancing

  • Floating (public) IPs


  • All instances are accessible only via a valid SSH private/public key.
  • All instances can be protected by a local firewall or by security groups: which allows you to configure general policies, protocols, ports, and IPs allowed.
  • Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is in place and protects the whole network from possible attacks.
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are performed regularly and security breaches are identified and fixed timely.
  • Fuga Cloud is ISO27001, ISO20000 and NEN7510 certified

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OpenStack components and functionality

Fuga Cloud is a High-performance public cloud service, hosted in the Netherlands. We believe in the power of open-source and collaboration.

Active components

  • Nova Compute engine (servers)
  • Swift Object storage
  • Cinder Volume storage
  • Neutron Networking and load balancing
  • Keystone Authentication and security groups
  • Horizon Cloud management portal
  • Glance Disk imaging service
  • Ceilometer Usage and billing service
  • Heat Infrastructure orchestration
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