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Fuga Cloud is a high-performance public cloud service, hosted in the Netherlands and powered by Cyso. Fuga Cloud is built on the latest, stable OpenStack technology and uses enterprise grade hardware to deliver the best, most reliable and cost-friendly OpenStack platform of the Netherlands. When using Fuga Cloud, you’re building your platforms, applications and servers from these basic components: compute, storage and networking. These components form the basis of any OpenStack platform and are described below.

  • Compute Nova

    With OpenStack compute, you can build servers and instances for your platform. They’re the workhorses of any Fuga Cloud environment. You can manage your compute resources and build and start servers from either the Horizon web interface or directly through the OpenStack API. Compute servers come with ephemeral (temporary) storage for images and operating systems. For faster and permanent storage, we offer both volume storage and object storage (see below).

    • Provision and launch servers in minutes
    • Different sizes and configurations
    • High performance, reliability and redundancy
    • Automate provisioning and deployment with OpenStack APIs and CLI tools

Ready to use images

The OpenStack dashboard contains an ever expanding host of ready-made images for you to use, or you can upload your own.
Amongst others, we provide and maintain images for the following operating systems:


We offer both object and volume storage for OpenStack.

  • Object Storage Swift

    Fuga Cloud provides highly scalable object storage. It’s designed to scale for huge amounts of data, using clustered enterprise storage hardware. Object storage is particularly well suited for inexpensive storage of, for example, virtual machine images, photos, emails and backup archives. Data is stored and striped across at least three different locations to prevent data loss.

    • Access secure, scalable and reliable online storage
    • Add incremental storage on demand, instantly
    • Full redundancy for data durability
    • Virtually unlimited storage capacity

    With object storage, you pay only for the amount of virtual storage you actually use each month. There are no minimum fees or long-term commitments.

  • Volume Storage Cinder

    Volume Storage delivers high I/O performance on storage technologies running on enterprise-grade hardware and uses either SSD or standard disks. Our volume storage is highly available, redundant and perfect for applications and databases which require frequent disk access to file systems or databases.

    • Access more storage by attaching and accessing volumes to running instances
    • Use volume snapshots for copying and backing up data
    • Create persistent instances for better preservation of your data
    • Faster access to stored and cached data

    With Volume Storage, you pay only for the amount of volume storage you provision. There are no minimum fees or long-term commitments.

Three different interfaces

You can control and manage your Fuga Cloud platform in several ways, depending on your preference and expertise. The following three interfaces interact with the OpenStack Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which drive the platform itself in the background:

  • The user-friendly Horizon dashboard
  • The OpenStack Command Line Interface
  • Directly from your own RESTful application

Learn more about the Open Stack API

OpenStack API

OpenStack components and functionality

Compute, volume storage, object storage and networking are just a few of the OpenStack components that form the Fuga Cloud platform.
We’ve currently implemented several projects from the OpenStack ecosystem and a few are in development.

  • Active components:

    • Nova Compute engine (servers)
    • Swift Object storage
    • Cinder Volume storage
    • Neutron Networking and load balancing
    • Keystone Authentication and security groups
    • Horizon Cloud management portal
    • Glance Disk imaging service
    • Ceilometer Usage and billing service
    • Heat Infrastructure orchestration
  • In development:

    • Trove Database as a service
    • Sahara Big data clusters
    • Designate DNS as a Service
    • Magnum Container Services
    • Ironic Bare Metal Provisioning

    We are determined to keep riding the OpenStack train and keep our platform up-to-date with new releases and technology. By doing so, we ensure the maximization of the performance, security and usability of Fuga Cloud to customers. We remain true to the open source nature of OpenStack by minimizing or removing vendor-specific components and solutions.

    Be sure to check our technical overview of Fuga Cloud

Enter Fuga Cloud and create your own platform!

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