FAQ: Features & Support - Fuga Cloud

FAQ: Features & Support - Fuga Cloud

What is the definition of BETA services in the Horizon dashboard?

Is OpenStack also suited for non-technical people?

What is the preferred way to build my OpenStack services?

What is object storage and why should I use it?

Do you have expansion plans for different regions?

Do you have installation examples?

How can I change the name of my instances?

I am unable to delete a volume. Why is that?

Can I use Docker containers (OpenStack Magnum)?

How can I access my servers?

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FAQ: Security & Privacy - Fuga Cloud

Is my data secure and protected?The data in the Fuga platform is stored and replicated in the best data centers in Amsterdam. It's protected by Dutch and European privacy laws. Fuga has also some certifications that insure our customers that there data is protected. Fuga is NEN 7510, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certified. Do I retain ownership of my data?Yes, you do. All data remains your property at all times.

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