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Ephemeral Storage

Super fast and included with an Instance (VM)

  • Super fast
  • Matching with flavor and image
  • No unnecessary costs
  • Deploy in seconds
  • Only pay for what you use

Your instances come with customized ephemeral storage included.

At Fuga, you will receive suitable Ephemeral storage, depending on the specifications of your flavor. This storage gives you super-fast storage for your Virtual Machine (VM).

Ephemeral storage is the storage associated with instances that are only present during the active lifetime of an instance. As soon as the instance stops, for example, due to removal or by problems with underlying hardware, the storage will also stop. All data on that temporary drive is going to be lost. Ephemeral is a fast performing storage but not a permanent solution like other (cloud) storage.

Because of its nature, Ephemeral storage is for the storage of all kinds of temporary data such as cache, buffers, data about sessions, swap volumes, etc. It is also possible to combine storage for usage as RAID volumes or for specific (Hadoop) tasks, where multiple nodes share the same data.

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Ephemeral storage is automatically linked to your instance (virtual machine) and exists as long as the instance itself exists. So it's temporary storage, meaning it disappears from the user's point of view when deleting a virtual machine.

By rebooting an instance, the data will remain. Ephemeral Storage is super fast, but it is not stored redundantly.

When you want storage that outlasts every other resource and is always available whether the instance is running or inactive, you need to look for Persistent Storage. Consider our Volume Storage. With this storage, your data is stored three times by us, making the chance of data loss very small.

Ephemeral storage is mainly used for the root filesystem and operating system of the instance. The size of this ephemeral storage is determined by the chosen flavor of the instance.

If you create a snapshot of an instance, based on ephemeral storage, it's saved as an image (under the 'Images' tab). The size of the created image will be equal to the storage used at the time of the snapshot creation.

Every flavor an appropriate Ephemeral Storage

The Ephemeral storage is linked to your instance and is included within the different flavors. Fuga Compute offers six flavor types:

  • Entry Level (t) - price from €3.30 p.m.,
  • Standard Level (s) - price from €15.00 p.m.,
  • Balanced (c) - price from €27.54 p.m.,
  • Memory Optimized (m) - price from €90.00 p.m.,
  • CPU Optimized (p) - price from €36.00 p.m.,
  • GPU (g) - price from €504.00 p.m.

Choose the size you want and launch powerful instances in seconds via the Fuga Dashboard. If you need more or less, you can easily scale up or down. You will immediately see this on your payment specification. This flexibility gives you the freedom to choose a suitable solution for your project without paying too much for the resources you don't need. Check out our prices page for the different specifications.

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  • ISO Compliant  
  • 99.99% uptime SLA  
  • No vendor lockin  

At Fuga, you find safety and quality with transparency and accessible support.

The Fuga Cloud platform is designed and equipped with stability and performance as a starting point, which is why we dare to offer a 99.99% uptime SLA. Moreover, we are GDPR Compliant and like to think with you about how you can optimally store your infrastructure and data securely in the cloud.

  • Safe storage in NL

    We are a 100% Dutch organization hosting in the Netherlands in the best data centers. Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified, making us GDPR proof.

  • Standard Advanced Anti-DDoS

    Because security is important to us, we ensure that all instances are behind our advanced Anti-DDoS layer by default. This layer means protection against DDoS attacks free of charge.

  • Pay per use

    At Fuga Cloud, you only pay for the resources you need. No setup costs or minimum purchase. There is always a direct and transparent overview of your usage via our dashboard, so no surprises.

  • Support easily accessible

    Our cloud specialists are always available via chat, email and telephone. But it is also possible to insert a ticket via the dashboard. Or join an (online) knowledge session.

A suitable storage for every project

When you are not sure whether you will also need persistent storage, do check the table below.

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  • Easy to contact  
  • ISO Compliant  
  • 99.99% uptime SLA  
  • No vendor lockin  
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