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What is Fuga Cloud?

Fuga Cloud is a high-performance public cloud service, hosted in the Netherlands and powered by Cyso. Fuga Cloud is built on recent and stable OpenStack technology and uses enterprise grade hardware to deliver the best, most reliable and cost-friendly OpenStack platform of the Netherlands.

Build and host your own platforms and applications on our public cloud from compute, storage and networking components. Fuga Cloud offers a fast, flexible and highly scalable platform with extensive options for automation and orchestration. A full technical overview of the Fuga Cloud platform can be found below on this page.

Manage your Fuga Cloud platform whichever way you prefer. Either use the user-friendly Horizon web interface, the rich features of the command line interface or harness the full power of the different OpenStack APIs directly from your own application using a RESTful API.

Getting started with Fuga Cloud is easy: fill out your credentials and complete our easy sign-up process. Once you’ve completed the registration, just log onto the dashboard and create your first Fuga Cloud instance in minutes.

How does it work?

Fuga Cloud is an open source cloud computing platform. It includes a plethora of different projects, which interact and form the OpenStack ecosystem. The figure below shows the basic components that form the OpenStack ecosphere and how they interact. Together, they create a rich set of features and the possibility for massive scalability. Each service offers an application programming interface (API) which, combined, form a flexible and customizable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution.

OpenStack simplified

Figure 1: OpenStack architecture [source: OpenStack docs

Core Services


More on the available OpenStack storage types

Shared and advanced services

How to use Fuga Cloud?

OpenStack is driven by Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which can be accessed by several means. The most user-friendly interface is the Horizon dashboard. The most powerful and complete interface is interacting with the API directly from your own application.

Fuga flowchart

Figure 2: OpenStack APIs

Services currently under development

We’re continuously testing and implementing more OpenStack projects into the Fuga Cloud platform.
The following services are currently under development and evaluation:

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Improved performance and more features



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