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Your infrastructure efficiently under your online management with our user-friendly cloud dashboard

  • Team management
  • API access control
  • Cost insight and control
  • Launch in seconds
  • Stay in control
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100% control over your infrastructure

Use the easy-to-use dashboard to launch instances, manage networks, and customize your resources to meet your needs. Spend less time on management and stay in control of your infrastructure with the Fuga Cloud dashboard.

Of course, the Fuga Cloud platform is an online management environment and so always accessible. All you need is a browser, internet connection and login details. No complicated hardware or software, the platform is just like the rest of the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world. So you always have your infrastructure at hand.

You can visit the Fuga Cloud Dashboard in Guest mode to browse around. This way you get a good idea of the possibilities. Of course, you will get the best experience by registering and going through the “Getting started”. Then you can start right away, but if you want to take a first look, this is the next best thing.

Fuga Cloud Control Panel - Dashboard on mobile
Fuga Cloud Dashboard - Dashboard on desktop
Fuga Cloud Dashboard - API Credentials
Fuga Cloud Dashboard - topology
Fuga Cloud Dashboard - usage overview

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Efficient, plain and simple.

Team management in a few clicks.

Invite (internal or external) colleagues and collaborate on projects. With the Fuga Cloud dashboard, you can easily create new projects, compose your teams and adjust the rights to your wishes. More about Teams

API access management has never been so easy

Access management is also distinct and convenient in the Fuga Cloud Dashboard. The dashboard offers the ability to create or revoke API keys at the touch of a button.

Cost control through real-time insight

When you're in the middle of a project, you can make pluses and minuses in your enthusiasm without being aware of future costs. The Fuga Cloud dashboard gives you real-time insight into the costs of your cloud infrastructure. So you are never faced with unexpected surprises. Moreover, with us, you only pay for what you use.

100% control over your infrastructure

Manage your platform and instances

You can quickly configure and launch new instances with the easy-to-use step-by-step instance configuration tool. With the push of a button, you can easily take a snapshot of your instance.

Easily configure your network

Improve your security by creating different network segments for your platform. Use the dashboard to create new (virtual) networks (LAN/DMZ) and routers. Configure new or modify existing security groups and add additional firewall rules for an instance or several simultaneously.

Stay in control of your resources

If your instance needs more computing power or extra storage, you can easily do this via the dashboard. Increase or decrease your instance or expand your volume storage. In this way, you scale up and down to your wishes at that moment. This way you'll always have what you need and besides you only pay for what you use.

What's in the Fuga Cloud Dashboard?

After logging in, you will get clarity about your usage at a glance on the homepage.
On the left, we have the features menu, divided into the categories; Compute, Storage, Networking, Services and Access. Here you can complete your infrastructure or see which new services are coming. We often offer our users the opportunity to browse and try (for free) before launching a new service.
At the bottom left, you'll find the menu to your account data with, among other things, your consumption in a graph and associated costs. If you hover your mouse over a bar in the graph, you will neatly see the subdivision of the expenses for that day.

On the right side of the screen, we've placed the items of the Support Menu. Here you will find the Quick actions and the Tips & Tricks. But also the overview of the API endpoints and available Images.
At the bottom right are the buttons that are important for the support desk. Here you can start a chat, find an overview of the changelog, notifications and your tickets.

If you are a registered Fuga Member, you can quickly submit a ticket via your inbox. Be clear in your subject and provide plenty of information in your message so we can place your ticket with the best cloud specialist for your question. Our cloud specialists will provide you with an answer quickly. In your inbox, you can follow the status of your ticket, but closed tickets also remain so that you can always search the history for a previously suggested solution or answer.

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  • Easily accessible  
  • ISO compliant  
  • 99.99% uptime SLA  
  • No vendor lockin  

Safety, speed and convenience

The Fuga Cloud platform is designed and equipped with stability and performance as a starting point (99.99% uptime SLA). At the same time, our monitoring proactively detects problems, minimizing the consequences of a malfunction. In addition, our various Availability Zones enable you to set up your platform redundantly (multiple).

  • Secure storage in NL

    We are a 100% Dutch organization hosted in the Netherlands in the best data centers. Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified and GDPR compliant.

  • Easy (automated) scaling

    It is easy to scale up and down. Together with the flexible prices, you can ensure that you keep costs under control. If you need some extra computing power, you can opt for more capacity, whether or not automated via our API.

  • Pay as you go

    At Fuga Cloud, you only pay for the resources you need. No setup costs or minimum purchase. Always a direct and transparent overview of your usage via our dashboard, so no unexpected high costs.

  • Support easily accessible

    Our cloud specialists are always available via chat, email and telephone. But it is also possible to insert a ticket via the dashboard. Or join a knowledge session at our office.

20+ years of experience is at your disposal

We are an enthusiastic and ambitious Dutch team of experienced Cloud and Hosting nerds.
We believe in 'The Four Opens'; Open source, Open Design, Open Development and Open Community. That's why we use OpenStack and 100 other Open Source Software (OSS) techniques. We believe that a world does not consist of 1 cloud provider (AWS or Azure), but we are committed to interoperability between clouds (GAIA-X).

Open Source Cloud
ISO en NEN certifications
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