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Spend less time managing your infrastructure with our user-friendly dashboard.

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  • Team management

    Invite your colleagues and work together on your projects. With the dashboard, you can create and customize your projects and teams to fit your needs. More about teams

  • Manage API Access

    Keep your access management simple. The dashboard enables you to create and revoke API keys with a click of a button.

  • Cost control

    Keep track of your usage charges and only pay for what you use. The dashboard offers real-time insights into the cost of your infrastructure.

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100% control over your infrastructure

Using the dashboard, you can launch instances, manage your networks and resize the resources to your needs.

Manage your platform and instances

You can configure new your instance and deploy them in seconds using the easy-to-follow step-by-step instance configuration tool. With a push of a button, you are able to make a snapshot of your instance.

Configure your networks with ease

Improve your security by creating different network segments of your cloud platform. Using the dashboard you can create new (virtual) networks (LAN/DMZ) and routers with ease. Configure new or edit existing security groups and add new firewall rules to your instance or several instances at once.

Keep control over your resources

When your instance needs more power or more storage, the dashboard lets you can resize your instances or enlarge your volumes with on the fly. This way you can scale up or down catering to your needs. So that you only pay for what you need.

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