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Cloud Compute

Powerful cloud servers / instances

  • 100% Intel Cores
  • Fast SSD
  • Deploy in seconds
  • Powerful API
  • Infinite OS combinations

Stable, fast and scalable

Fuga Compute delivers higly scalable Instances (also know as Virtual Machines). These instances contains CPU, RAM, SSD storage, and a high amount of free IOPs. They are available in many predefined sizes, including Optimized ones (RAM Optimized and CPU Optimized) for special needes.

Our Instances are settled in highly regarded data centers, build on the best hardware and are maintained by a fully automated CI/CD pipeline.
This allows us to guarantee high performance and a very stable platform.

Single core geekbench score

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Complete freedom

Flexible pricing

There are no obligations in the longer term, no minimum purchase or advance payments required. Fuga Cloud charges per minute, you only pay for usage. If you remove an instance, you immediately pay less.

Easy (automated) scaling

It is very easy to scale up and down. Together with the flexible prices you can ensure that you keep the costs under control. When you need some extra computing power you can add extra capacity by clikcing or fully automation throuh our APi.

Not very familiar with the (automatic) scaling of your environment? Our Fuga Academy can probably help you with that.

Add extra storage in seconds

With Volume Storage from Fuga Cloud (also known as Block Storage) you can link extra storage to your instance in no time. Our Volume Storage delivers a very high I / O performance and uses state-of-the-art hardware. Extreme performance and availability guaranteed.

Learn more about our storage types.

Security is number 1 priority

Fuga Cloud does everything to secure the platform. We continuously validate our efforts through periodic vulnerability assesments and penetration tests. In addition, Fuga Cloud has various certifications (ISO27001, ISO20000 en NEN7510) that ensure that our service is performed to a high standard. Fuga Cloud is a Dutch company, we fall under Dutch and European regulations that are very much attuned to privacy. We are therefore fully GDPR compliant.

In addition to our focus on safety, we also offer a large toolset that ensures that you can safely launch and manage your projects.

  • Local Firewall and Security Groups

    Fuga offers you the possibility to create security group rules yourself. Security groups are a set of IP filter rules that define your network access.

  • Only SSH private / public key access

    Public-key authentication with Secure Shell is more secure than password authentication, because it provides much more identity checking. You must have a private key and the correct password to identify yourself to your platform.

  • Standard advanced Anti-DDoS

    Because security is very important, we ensure that all instances are standard behind our advanced Anti-DDoS layer. This means you are protected against DDoS attacks free of charge.

Instances (servers)

Launch powerful instances in seconds. Choose a flavor and scale when needed. Want to learn more about our Compute pricing? Go to our Compute Pricing page.

Entry Level

SSD Disk
600 MB Memory
1 core vCPUs
10 GB SSD Disk
€3.30/mo€0.00491/hr Create account
900 MB Memory
1 core vCPUs
10 GB SSD Disk
€4.95/mo€0.00737/hr Create account
1200 MB Memory
1 core vCPUs
10 GB SSD Disk
€6.60/mo€0.00982/hr Create account
SSD Disk
7680 MB Memory
1 core vCPUs
50 GB SSD Disk
€23.63/mo€0.03516/hr Create account
15360 MB Memory
4 core vCPUs
50 GB SSD Disk
€47.25/mo€0.07031/hr Create account
30720 MB Memory
8 core vCPUs
50 GB SSD Disk
€94.50/mo€0.14063/hr Create account

Need extra Memory or more CPU power? Check out our pricing page.

Install and launch in one click

Fuga Cloud provides ready-to-use OS images. With one click you choose an OS that is immediately installed when you launch an instance.

In addition to the standard OS images, you can also create images yourself. These will then end up nicely in your own catalog so that you can also deploy them with one click.

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