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An invoice is sent out at the end of each billing cycle, listing previous usage and charges.

Every flavor size includes CPU, RAM (memory), storage and a high amount of free IOPs. This is also called an instance or VM (Virtual Machine).

Disk size, memory, and network usage are calculated in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB is 1,000 MB and 1 MB is 102,481,024 bytes.

Prices on this page are listed in Euro (EUR).

Take a look at our pricing page for the pricing of all of our products and the compute page for more information about Compute.

Compute billing model

The following billing model applies to all flavor types.

  • There is no setup cost
  • There is no minimum charge
  • Instances are charged in one-minute increments
  • The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days). If your server is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month, you will only be billed the monthly rate.
  • Instances in a Shut Down state are billed. The state continues to reserve dedicated system resources (RAM, SSD storage, Floating IP, CPU) and therefore incur charges until you delete the instance.

For every project a suitable solution

Compute offers four flavor types: Entry Level (t), Balanced (c), Memory Optimized (m), CPU Optimized (p).

This gives you the liberty to choose a well-suited solution for your project without paying too much for other resources you might not need.

Entry Level

Entry Level flavor sizes are ideal for applications that don't require a lot of resources. Entry Level flavor sizes are more cost-effective for running small, non-resource intensive applications than our Balanced, Memory Optimized and CPU Optimized flavor types.

The t2.micro, t2.tiny, and t2.small flavor sizes have bursting capabilities that allow instances to use additional physical CPU for short periods of time. Bursting happens automatically when your instance requires more physical CPU than originally allocated. During these spikes, your instance will take advantage of available physical CPU in bursts. Bursts are not permanent and are only possible periodically.

The Entry Level flavor type (t2) are available in Region 2.

Name Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Price
t2.micro 600 MB 1 core 10 GB €3.30/mo
t2.tiny 900 MB 1 core 10 GB €4.95/mo
Popular t2.small 1200 MB 1 core 10 GB €6.60/mo


The Balanced flavor type has a healthy amount of memory tuned to host and scale applications like blogs, web applications, testing/staging environments, in-memory caching and databases.

Balanced flavor types are available in Region 1 and Region 2.

Region 1

Name Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Price
c1.micro 512 MB 1 core 10 GB €5/mo
c1.Tiny 1 GB 1 core 20 GB €10/mo
c1.small 2 GB 2 cores 40 GB €20/mo
Popular c1.medium 4 GB 2 cores 60 GB €40/mo
c1.large 8 GB 4 cores 80 GB €80/mo
c1.xlarge 16 GB 8 cores 160 GB €160/mo
c1.2xLarge 32 GB 12 cores 320 GB €320/mo
c1.4xLarge 64 GB 16 cores 480 GB €640/mo
c1.8xLarge 128 GB 20 cores 640 GB €1,280/mo

Region 2

Name Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Price
c2.small 1.875 GB 1 core 50 GB €12.19/mo
Popular c2.medium 3.75 GB 2 cores 50 GB €24.38/mo
c2.large 7.5 GB 4 cores 50 GB €48.75/mo
c2.xlarge 15 GB 8 cores 50 GB €97.50/mo
c2.2xlarge 18.75 GB 10 cores 50 GB €121.88/mo
c2.4xLarge 22,5 GB 12 cores 50 GB €146.25/mo

Memory Optimized

Memory optimized flavor types have 15 GB of system memory per vCPU. They are ideal for tasks that require intensive use of memory and are perfectly suited for:

  • High-performance, relational (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra) databases.
  • Distributed web-scale cache stores that provide in-memory caching of key-value type data (Memcached and Redis).
  • In-memory databases using optimized data storage formats and analytics for business intelligence (for example, SAP HANA).
  • Applications performing real-time processing of big unstructured data (financial services, Hadoop/Spark clusters).
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) applications.

Memory Optimized flavor types are available in Region 2.

Name Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Price
m2.medium 30 GB 2 cores 50 GB €90.00/mo
Popular m2.large 60 GB 4 cores 50 GB €180.00 p.m.
m2.xlarge 90 GB 6 cores 50 GB €270.00/mo
m2.2xLarge 150 GB 10 cores 50 GB €450.00/mo
m2.4xLarge 240 GB 16 cores 50 GB €720.00/mo
m2.8xLarge 360 GB 24 cores 50 GB €1,080.00/mo

CPU Optimized

CPU optimized flavor types have 1.11 vCPUs per 1 GB of system memory. They are perfectly suited for:

  • CI/CD servers
  • Batch-processing workloads
  • Media transcoding
  • High-performance web servers
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Scientific modeling
  • Dedicated gaming servers and ad serving engines
  • Machine learning inference and other compute-intensive applications

CPU Optimized flavor types are available in Region 2.

Name Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Price
p2.medium 2 GB 1.8 cores 50 GB €36.00/mo
Popular p2.large 3.6 GB 4 cores 50 GB €72.00/mo
p2.xlarge 7.2 GB 8 cores 50 GB €144.00/mo
p2.2xLarge 10.8 GB 12 cores 50 GB €216.00/mo
p2.4xLarge 14.4 GB 16 cores 50 GB €288.00/mo
p2.8xLarge 18 GB 20 cores 50 GB €360.00/mo
p2.16xLarge 21.6 GB 24 cores 50 GB €432.00/mo


Free OS images

Fuga Cloud provides a wide range of ready-to-use free of charge OS images for your instances, or you can create and upload your own. Making it easy to deploy instances with your preferred operating system in seconds.

Your own images

We allow you to upload custom images as long as you take care of licencing. Have a look at the supported image file types.

Name Price
1 GB of Image Storage €0.1000/mo

Snapshots / backups

Snapshots are instantaneous copies of instances. They contain an image of the state of the filesystem at the moment that the snapshot is taken. A snapshot of an instance can be used as the basis of an instance and booted up at a later time.

If you make a snapshot of your instance, the total disk space of this Snapshot will be the total of the provisioned disk space of your backup instance. For example, if you have a c2.4xLarge instance (provisioned disk space is 20 GB) but you only use 10 GB, the Snapshot will end up being 20 GB.

Name Price
1 GB of Snapshot Storage €0.1000/mo

(Floating) IP addresses

When you create an instance, it receives a free private IP address. Your instance is accessible for other instances with this private IP address . If you want to access your instance over the internet, you'll need to associate a (floating) IP to this instance. A floating IP is an IP address on an external network.

Name Price
Floating IP €1.00/mo

Unused IP addresses

When an allocated Floating IP is disassociated from an instance without being released back into the pool, you will continue to be billed for it because the Floating IP is still reserved for use. This means you can still associate it with another instance. Only when you release the Floating IP back into the pool, billing will discontinue and there is no way back to retrieve it.

Expand your instance with extra storage

Every flavor type includes a certain amount of storage (Ephemeral Storage). This is enough for a basic setup. If you need more storage you can do this by creating a Volume. Upon creation, it is raw data, but it can be attached (mounted) to instances, partitioned and formatted. This way you make it easy to scale.

We have 3 different types of Volume Storage.

  • Volume Storage Low
  • Volume Storage Regular
  • Volume Storage High

You can find more information about storage types on the storage page.


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