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What is Orchestration?

Orchestration, as it is often referred to in IT, as an automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, and services. Cloud Orchestration is the exact same thing, deploying and managing platforms and (cloud-native) applications on cloud infrastructure. It involves procedural, or script-based tools which are most commonly a simple set of commands used to automatically deploy, configure, and manage networks, servers, and applications. This way you are able to create and reproduce the exact same platform or application over and over again. You can also do this across multiple cloud providers using one single orchestration tool.

What are the advantages of Cloud Orchestration?

Orchestration or automating the deployment and management of cloud infrastructure reduces the number of repetitive tasks and human involvement. Therefore, reducing the amount of time it takes to fulfill those tasks. For example, deploying a new instance or server and patching them with the latest security patches. Cloud orchestration eliminates potential errors introduced by human error when doing things by hand during provisioning, configuration or management tasks. By excluding human errors orchestration helps you to set a better maintainable security standard across your entire cloud platform. Because every instance or group of instances is installed and provided with the same security measures and patches in exactly the same way.

To summon the advantages of cloud orchestration:

  • Saving time and decreasing IT costs by automation

  • Increasing and improving productivity

  • Standardizing (security) processes across the entire platform

What is the best Cloud Orchestration tool?

There is a wide variety of cloud orchestration tools available for deploying and managing cloud infrastructure. So how do you know which one is right for you and your business? Some orchestration tools require a client to be installed on the targeted hosts while others only talk to the APIs. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all solution to this and I would recommend to try out and test several tools. But to help you out we have our favorite tools sorted in two categories, Infra-as-code and Deployment & management tools.


Deployment & management tools

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