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Fuga Cloud helps to digitize Dutch government institutions. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that helps Dutch governments, mainly municipalities, with digitizing their services and processes towards their citizens. The SaaS that has developed offers unique functionality for citizens and employees to handle matters from one central system. Where previously work was done in a document-oriented manner, ensures that work is done in a project-oriented manner, resulting in a better overview and a more efficient working method.

Citizens can log into the site of their municipality using their DigiD to make requests and submit applications in a simple and user-friendly environment. After a request is made, civil servants will digitally process it. You can use the software for a variety of cases, like applying for a permit, reporting a loose sidewalk tile or ordering an extraction.

After seeing how tax money was spent on IT projects within the government, where a lot of the projects didn’t have the desired outcome and therefore were never taken into production. was developed to create a cost-efficient solution and a better and faster working method.

Zaaksysteem implemented an agile way of working for the development of their services. Currently, 25 municipalities are using their software and that number is increasing rapidly. Every day, hundreds to thousands of cases from citizens are processed, including the documents needed for their requests. The SaaS solution has developed is completely Open Source, so that the entire community can contribute to the services. In a completely transparent manner, shows which developments they are currently working on. Because there is one central system, all municipalities benefit directly form improvements made to their services.

Working together with municipalities and making sure that (public) tax spendings are used in a fair and transparent manner, that’s what is all about.

The Challenges

Scalability, control, cost-efficiency, compliancy and reliability is responsible for the processing and managing of data and millions of documents that contain, among other things, personal data. This makes it essential to guarantee the safety and reliability of these files. The customers and end users demand the highest standards when it comes to the availability, safety, reliability and the geographical location where the data is stored. must be able to guarantee that the data will be stored in The Netherlands. Not only the SaaS solution but also the underlying cloud infrastructure must comply with all the strict compliance requirements from Dutch and European laws and regulations.

We work with personal data, that’s why safety and security is our highest priority. Michiel Ootjers: CTO, want to maintain control over their platform so that they are not dependent on others. That gives them the ability to make quick adjustments when needed. Of course, this must be done with a scalable and cost-efficient solution, so that they only pay for the resources that they need and use at that moment. It is also important for them to be able to exchange ideas with the team behind the cloud infrastructure they use.

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Why Fuga Cloud

Control, pay per use, certifications, hosted in NL, Open-source, and support

Cloud development

100% control and optimal availability of data

Fuga Cloud ensures that has complete control over the management, design, and cost of their platform. determines which availability zones and regions are used, this way they can guarantee that all data is stored safely and redundantly in the Netherlands. Our pay per use model makes sure isn’t being bound by long-term contracts and gives them 100% control over the costs. has full control over the up- and downscaling of their resources, there is no inefficient use of resources and only pays for the resources that they actually need, when they need it.

Because Fuga Cloud is in possession of the ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications, and controlled processes are continuously monitored for this, we can meet the annual audits that our customers require of us. Michiel Ootjers: CTO,

Certifications; quality, reliability, and safety

The Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000 (IT Service Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) certified. Certifications that show that Fuga Cloud has thought about all aspects of their services and security. The processes and procedures that have been implemented to acquire these certifications are regularly evaluated and continuously improved.

Open-source and no vendor lock-in

Fuga Cloud uses OpenStack as the foundation for their cloud infrastructure. This is a robust and powerful solution that comes from a worldwide collaboration of developers and technicians who value open source. We are convinced that an open development model is the only way to implement new standards for cloud infrastructure and eliminate the danger of vendor lock-in. The choice of Fuga Cloud for OpenStack fits seamlessly with the IT strategy of allowing them to easily move to another location or OpenStack cloud provider without any loss of data.

Direct contact with the technicians of Fuga Cloud

Fuga Cloud is an IaaS provider, which ensures that has all the tools to create and manage its own platform and has full control over the design and use of it. This does not mean that personal contact is not possible with the team behind the service. Fuga Cloud is part of the Cyso Group and is based in Alkmaar. Since 1997 we have been working on innovative IT solutions and Fuga Cloud is one of the services that has come out of this. The Cyso Group believes that making personal contact and establishing a good collaboration between customer and supplier is paramount for success.

This results in a good working relationship between and Fuga Cloud. Fuga can give advice and implement new features on our Cloud platform that ensure that can serve its customers.

If you want more help with managing and maintaining a critical application, also see the Managed services of Cyso.

With Fuga Cloud, we have 100% control over our platform. This is very important because we work with DigiD and personal data. Everything is redundant so that we can guarantee the optimal availability of our service and all related data and documents. Michiel Ootjers: CTO,

The architecture behind

Do you want to take a sneak peek under the hood of

In this technical drawing, you’ll see that Zaaksysteem has made their entire platform redundant using several availability zones in the Fuga Cloud. Because of the CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) workflow, they have set up; is able to quickly deploy new releases to production, using Kubernetes and docker. can deploy their entire platform to another location or OpenStack Cloud provider easily and without loss of data, using the APIs, Object Store and database manager Barman. This gives them all the freedom and independence that they want.

RouterInstancesBarmanOff-site fallbackAutomatically scalable platformIntrusion Detection SystemKubernetesObjectstoreDatabaseClusterDockerInternetSecuritygroupsDockerpods

Benefit now from the capabilities of Fuga Cloud?

In this case, you have read how the cloud infrastructure of Fuga can be used for CI / CD and delivering a SaaS solution to government institutions. A SaaS service where, working with personal data, optimal safety is essential. However, Fuga Cloud can be used for numerous use cases, its now time to make your own.

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