Recap of 2023 Fuga Cloud platform improvements

2024 is just around the corner. How are you entering the new year? At least we're really looking forward to it! The past year has been full of challenges, and victories such as the launch of our Frankfurt region. We are also grateful for your feedback.

Sneak peak into 2024

There are several fun things on the agenda for the coming year. We look forward to reaching new heights together with you. In the coming year we are planning, among other things, to expand the capacity of the Fuga Platform in the Dutch region. We are also working to connect our new partners even better.

What have we delivered for you on the Fuga Platform in 2023?

  • Stability and speed have increased enormously due to continuous improvements in the way we manage and develop the platform
  • Our website has received a complete redesign
  • The platform has become fully Multi-Region with the introduction of the Germany region (FRA with 3 additional zones)
  • The platform is structurally pluggable, adding additional regions is something you don’t have to figure out, just do it
  • Managed Kubernetes/EMK is available in all regions
  • Expansion of the capacity of the Fuga Platform in the Netherlands region
  • 100’s of Dashboard Improvements
  • The introduction of new network technology across the platform: Netris now forms the basis for complete dynamic configuration of the Fuga Network

Planned Fuga Platform Features in 2024

  • All regions are improved with a S3 Objectstore with replication and encryption, own cnames/ssl termination
  • Availability of IPv6 Managed Kubernetes for all regions
  • Extra VPC functionality for all regions with its own IPv4/Ipv6, VPNaaS and images (Fortinet/Pfsense/Opensense)
  • Managed Kubernetes High Availability for all regions
  • Dutch Region (AMS): Private Regions and Zones
  • Dutch Region (AMS): Private S3 object store, including multi-zone replication, integrated into the dashboard but can also be managed via an API.
  • Improvements to dashboard and billing/usage and quota management for all regions
  • Introduction of several Load Balancer products
  • Introducing Fuga CLI and Fuga Platform API
  • Introduction of consumption and billing alerting/notifications in the dashboard
  • Introduction of cheaper Spot Pricing (per hour) and Committed pricing (per year)
  • Introducing the Startup and Partner Programs (Email us when you are interested)
  • Introducing the ‘deploy to Fuga’ button

Fuga Platform Features under investigation
(we’d love to hear feedback)

  • Managed databases:
    Fully managed database environment for mysql/postgresql/mongodb/redis
  • Launch of new regions in Europe:
    After launching our first foreign region (Frankfurt), we are getting the hang of it and plan to launch more regions in 2024
  • Provisioning your own users by integrating commonly used Identity Management software (IAM)
  • Fuga Private Interconnect:
    connect your dedicated network directly to the Fuga Platform and take advantage of favorable interconnection rates and increased security

If you have any feedback, send it to us by Email

CES Las Vegas

Last but not least: we kick off the year with CES Las Vegas.
We have already announced this in an earlier blog.

What is CES in short?

CES stands for; Consumer Electronics Show. It is an annual trade fair that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. CES is one of the largest and most influential trade fairs in the world for consumer electronics. The fair attracts professionals from various sectors, including technology, media, industry and retail.
CES also provides a platform for startups to showcase their innovations, and it often attracts a lot of media attention. The event is an important opportunity for industry professionals to discover trends, build networks and forge business collaborations.

Fuga Cloud, together with 69 other startups, has been selected by the RVO to present our solutions to the international audience (about 115,000 visitors). We can be found at the Holland pavilion in the Eureka Park in stand 62100. We will be at the CES event from Tuesday January 9 to Friday January 12.

But for now, we wish you warm holidays and a sparkling new year full of possibilities.
Thanks for a great year and see you in 2024!

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