Meet Sam

He walked in as an intern, but we are keeping him! So it's time to meet Sam, our new Fuganeer, with the job description: Platform Engineer

Name and numbers

Name: Sam
Job title: Platform Engineer

I have been working at Fuga since:
September 2023 as an intern, starting January 2024 as a Platform Engineer.

Sam, platform engineer at Fuga Cloud

How did you join Fuga?

My brother did an internship at Fuga’s sister company in 2019. When I was looking for an internship where I could do my thesis, he encouraged me to apply at Cyso Group, and that is how I ended up at Fuga.

Who is Sam in a nutshell?

I was born and raised in Alkmaar, near the Fuga Cloud office. In February 2024, I will graduate as a Software Engineer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I specifically enjoy working on the link between software and hardware. It fits in well with my position as a platform engineer at Fuga!

I also enjoy working on projects in my spare time, such as creating and programming my Bluetooth speaker or smart home devices. In addition to my interest in IT, I enjoy photography, and I like to combine this with a nature walk or another outing, for example. I also enjoy playing games, both offline and online. I actually got a new one recently, Fuga gifted me the physical version of CuBirds to celebrate my successful internship! I used to play this online with my partner and colleagues, but now we can start playing the physical version. Finally, I like to cuddle with Tony and Bella, the golden retrievers who faithfully wait for me at the door at home!

What is your favorite quote?

I’m just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe. – Jango Fett.

This quote fits well with how I go through life. I like to live in the moment, doing my thing quietly without worrying unnecessarily about things that I, at that moment, can not do anything about.

Which site / blog / podcast / social should we check? And therefore gets the “recommended by Sam – stamp”

I am absolutely uninspiring in this area, because I am not quite active on social media or websites like forums. I sometimes listen to podcasts. For example, the podcast “Real Dictators” has helped me through several long flights and other trips. In the podcast, they tell the life stories of prominent people, what their childhood was like, and what they did to end up in that place. Personally, I found those of Julius Caesar and Napoleon very interesting.

Which project have you learned the most from?

What was very educational for me during my studies were the internships that I did. Thanks to these internships, I was able to discover which branches of IT really appeal to me, and this is also how I ultimately ended up with this position at Fuga Cloud.

What are you currently working on? Or what are you going to do at Fuga?

My task at Fuga is to develop, maintain, and optimize the cloud infrastructure that we offer. For example, I am partly responsible for the operational status of our platform, and I work to make it as reliable as possible with the best possible performance of our services.

How will this benefit our customers?

A stable and fast platform on which they can host their services without worries!

Fuga is looking for great Platform engineers and DevOps Engineers!
So if you are like Sam and you feel like you are a true Fuganeer, don’t be shy and send us an e-mail.

You can read more about Fuga, our mission statement and principles at our company page.

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He walked in as an intern, but we are keeping him! So it’s time to meet Sam, our new Fuganeer, with the job description: Platform Engineer
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