5 reasons why you should choose Fuga Cloud!

Why should you choose Fuga Cloud to be your cloud? Is it because of our high standards? Or because of our Tech-to-Tech support? We’ll give you 5 reasons, but we could give you more.

There are more cloud providers in the world. But why should you choose Fuga Cloud to be your cloud? Is it because of our high standards? Or because of our Tech-to-Tech support? We’ll give you 5 reasons, but we could give you more.

5 reasons to choose Fuga


The Dutch requirements for secure data storage are very strict. And for many standards and certificates, you have to meet these requirements. The fact that Microsoft or Google are building data centers in the Netherlands does not mean that they instantly comply with the GDPR. They fall out of it. The rules apply to the location of the mother company and not to the physical location of the servers. For example, America has the CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) that makes it possible for the American government to access data, even if it is on a European server.

Fuga Cloud is GDPR compliant.

Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified and with that, we guarantee our quality and procedures. We are a 100% Dutch organization hosted in the Netherlands, in the best data centers. We (and you as a customer) are therefore subject to Dutch and European laws and regulations.

Read more about our certifications


At Fuga Cloud, you consciously choose OpenStack as a foundation. OpenStack is fully open-source. Unlike AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, Fuga Cloud allows you to easily migrate your data and applications to another OpenStack provider if you wish. This way prevents you from being ’locked’ to one specific cloud provider and having trouble migrating (which is the case with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud).

3. 99,99% UPTIME SLA

The Fuga Cloud platform has a design with stability and performance as a primary objective. At the same time, our monitoring proactively detects problems, minimizing the consequences of a malfunction. With three availability zones, you can set everything up redundantly. You can always check the stability of our servers on our status page. On that same page, it’s possible to register for notifications regarding maintenance and malfunctions.

Read more on the 99,99%


Fuga Cloud is the ideal sandboxing & prototyping platform. Free Tiers are available for your environments which you can quickly share with colleagues and clients. So if you do not yet master everything to perfection, this is the ideal environment for tinkering. We support you with free tutorials in the Fuga Academy and our easily accessible support desk. Development and DevOps Teams can count on support in a private slack channel for that little bit extra.

You remain in control and determine the design of your platform, just the way you need it. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t support you. We like to think along with you. And it is not complicated to ask us your questions, because we are easily accessible via chat, email or telephone. And all without additional costs. Just because we’d like to see you get the most out of our products and that you are a satisfied customer.


At Fuga Cloud you select the most suitable configuration while we let you know in advance what the actual costs will be. Fuga Cloud does not pass on the unpredictable costs for IOPS activities (read and write activities) to you. The only thing you pay for besides your configuration is data traffic. You can scale up and down with ease and can always find it in our user-friendly dashboard. But we are not secretive about the rates either.

You can find a complete pricing list on our prices page.



Fuga Cloud stands for “The Four Opens” The Four Opens stand for four essential principles that we strongly believe in:

  • Open source
  • Open Design
  • Open Development
  • Open Community

We are convinced that these principles help us to continue innovating and strengthen our curious and characteristic view of the future. They will continue to motivate us to improve. We use OpenStack and 100 other Open Source techniques because we believe in freedom. In our view, every user should therefore have the choice to run his/her data on a secure and exchangeable cloud environment without suffering from a so-called eco-system lock-in. That is why we are proud to be a member of the CiC (Cloud Infrastructure Coalition, the Dutch part of the European project GAIA-X).

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