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It can be difficult to determine the actual Microsoft Azure pricing. You probably don’t want to parse through page upon page of computing options and run calculations to figure out which is best for your needs.

For that reason, we have created an example in which we assume a simple use case. In it, we compare the price of Microsoft Azure with Fuga Cloud, the European answer to the American Cloud. Fuga Cloud is a new public cloud based on OpenStack and, therefore, fully open source.


Software developer We Make IT Work is looking for a cloud solution to host the applications they develop for their clients. A server with 2 cores, 2048 MB RAM and 40 GB SSD disk space will do for a start. In the overview below, two instances of Microsoft Azure are compared to the c1.small of Fuga Cloud. This last one meets the requested specifications of We Make IT Work exactly.

Note: in Azureland, VM is the term used to describe a unit of computing power. For Fuga Cloud, the roughly analogous term is a computing instance.

  • Azure A1
  • Open source No
  • CPU 1 core
  • RAM memory 1750 MB
  • Diskspace 70 GB HDD
  • Monthly costs € 36,43
  • IOPS activities pay per use
  • Azure A2
  • Open source No
  • CPU 2 cores
  • RAM memory 3500 MB
  • Diskspace 50 GB SSD
  • Monthly costs € 50,98
  • IOPS activities pay per use
  • Fuga c1.small
  • Open source Yes OpenStack
  • CPU 2 cores
  • RAM memory 2048 MB
  • Diskspace 40 GB SSD
  • Monthly costs € 20,00
  • IOPS activities for free
  • Open source
  • Azure A1 No
  • Azure A2 No
  • Fuga c1.small Yes OpenStack
  • CPU
  • Azure A1 1 core
  • Azure A2 2 cores
  • Fuga c1.small 2 cores
  • Ram memory
  • Azure A1 1750 MB
  • Azure A2 3500 MB
  • Fuga c1.small 2048 MB
  • Diskspace
  • Azure A1 70 GB HDD
  • Azure A2 50 GB SSD
  • Fuga c1.small 40 GB SSD
  • Monthly costs
  • Azure A1 € 36,43
  • Azure A2 € 50,98
  • Fuga c1.small € 20,00
  • IOPS activities
  • Azure A1 pay per use
  • Azure A2 pay per use
  • Fuga c1.small for free
Monthly costs are based on a period of 4 weeks / 720 hours. Latest update of this calculation is March 24, 2016. For this calculation, the Azure pricing calculator and the Fuga pricing calculator have been used. For IOPS activities at Azure: only for premium storage costs aren’t calculated. The pricing of the two Azure VMs above are based on Standard Tier VMs. Basic Tier VMs are an economical option for development workloads, test servers, and other applications that don’t require load balancing, auto-scaling, or memory-intensive virtual machines. Features that are automatically included in Fuga Cloud.

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“Fuga Cloud is extremely scalable and works very fast. I can create a network and add a couple of servers in just minutes. It saves me so much time!”

Bart Matthaei, Owner of Ambrero

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3 reasons for choosing Fuga

1. Hosted in The Netherlands

Unlike Microsoft Azure, Fuga Cloud is 100% Dutch. We use Dutch data centers and your data is protected by Dutch and European privacy laws. Fuga Cloud customers aren’t affected by the Safe Harbor agreement or the new EU-US Privacy Shield, which hasn’t been ratified yet. With Fuga Cloud, you comply with Dutch and European legislation and privacy policies on the protection of your own and your customers' data.

2. No vendor lock-in

Microsoft Azure is a self-built platform. Fuga Cloud is based on OpenStack, which is open source software. This allows you to easily migrate your data and applications to other OpenStack cloud providers, should you want to do so. Choosing an open source solution prevents you from getting locked-in by the cloud platform you use, which is the case with Microsoft Azure. By using Fuga Cloud, you choose flexibility and freedom.

3. No additional costs

With Fuga Cloud, you can select the most suitable configuration for your needs and immediately know what it will cost. With Microsoft Azure, you pay for every IOPS (read and write) transaction; Fuga Cloud doesn’t charge for these unpredictable variables. The only thing you have to pay for, apart from your configuration, is traffic.

Leave us your email address, receive € 25 Fuga Cloud credits and explore the advantages of our public OpenStack cloud yourself.


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