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How to return a floating IP?

When you no longer need a floating IP address, you can return it to the pool.
This way you won't be charged for the floating IP.

Note that this frees the IP address for use by any other user. If you want to use the same IP address later on, you shouldn't return it as it can't be guaranteed that you'll get back the same IP address.

Method 1: Using the horizon dashboard interface.

  1. Login on the Horizon Dashboard interface.
  2. Go to Project -> Compute -> Access & Security
  3. Click on the tab Floating IPs
  4. Select the IP address you want to release and click the button Release Floating IPs in the top right corner

Method 2: Using the CLI Tools.

First, you'll need to setup the openstack command-line tools and download your openrc file.

Next, get the ids for the floating IPs you want to remove:

neutron floatingip-list

Next, remove the floating IP with the command:

neutron floatingip-delete <id>

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