Connecting to the Fuga object store from your desktop

Fuga object storage is compatible with Amazon S3. In another article, we've explained how you can connect to it using an example in Python. That's all good and well for your applications, but you may also want to manage the contents of your objects stores and containers directly from your desktop. You might use it to upload or download documents, images, video or other object to your containers, or use it separately from your application for (long term) storage.

Quite a few FTP clients also support S3 connections these days. In this article we're using the open source Cyberduck client (for Mac). Chances are, your favorite client supports it as well.

You'll need fill out some data to set up the connection to your object store. You can find these in the Horizon dashboard. Go to Compute -> Access & Security -> API Access and click on View Credentials. You'll need the following data:

User credentials

Next, create a new connection in Cyberduck. Select S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) and fill out the Server (S3 URL, without https://) and Username (EC2 Access Key). When connecting, you will be prompted for your password (EC2 Secret Key). Store it in your keychain or password manager at your convenience.

S3 new connection Login to object store

That’s it. You should be able to see your containers. If you’re not using the object store yet, you can create a new container by creating a new folder in the client (only lowercase alphabetical characters, digits, dots and dashes allowed). You can now drag and drop items to and from containers in your object store.

Enjoy working with the object store!

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