How to create a router in Horizon Dashboard
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How to create a router in Horizon Dashboard


Fuga Cloud makes it easy to create and manage your own virtual Local Area Networks (vLAN) to physically separate your environments. Routers are used to connect different networks and forward the traffic between those networks.

In this tutorial you learn how you can create a router and connect your local network to a public network (internet) using our user-friendly dashboard.


Creating a router

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Networking tab and select Networks.
  3. Click on the Create Router button.
  4. Specify your new Router Name (should be unique).
  5. From the External network dropdown select public as network.
  6. Click Create Router.

Adding network to your router

  1. Click on the Networking tab and select Networks.
  2. Click on your newly created router.
  3. Click on + Add interface.
  4. Select the Subnet that you created previously from the Subnet drop down list.
  5. Leave the IP Address field empty if you are going to use DHCP (default).
  6. Click on the Submit button.


After you followed this tutorial you will have your network configuration with your new router connected to an external network and your internal network.

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