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Create a router

First we will create a Router

  1. Login to the dashboard, select your project and go to network and then Routers.
  2. Click on Create Router in the top right corner.
  3. Specify your new Router Name (should be unique) and click Create Router

Now we will connect the Router to the network

  1. Click your newly created router' Set Gateway button.
  2. Select the (External) Network that you created previously from the External Network drop down list.
  3. Click Set Gateway.

In this last step we will add a Interface to your Router

  1. Click on the name of your Router followed by Add Interface
  2. Select the Subnet that you created previously from the Subnet drop down list.
  3. Leave the IP Address field empty if you are going to use DHCP (default).
  4. Click Add Interface

Now, if you go to the Network Topology tab you will see your new network configuration with your new router connecting the external network and your new internal network.

Create router

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Create and manage networks

OpenStack's network service provides an easy system for managing the network connectivity within Fuga Cloud. Here you can quickly create and assign new networks and IP addresses. For this guide, we assume that you have some knowledge about working with subnets. Create a network Log on to the OpenStack dashboard, choose your project and click Network followed by Networks. Next, click on Create Network in the top right corner. Specify your new network name (should be unique) in the network tab and click Next Fill in the information in the Subnet tab: Subnet Name is optional.
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