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horizon dashboard

Login to the Horizon Dashboard (1/5)

article .card h3, article .card h4 {margin-top:0; text-align: center} article .card {background:#f7f9fa;} article .card ul {padding-left: 20px;} Fuga’s dashboard called ‘Horizon’ is a web-based user interface to OpenStack services. Horizon has grown from a set of views, templates and API calls to a complete support tool for OpenStack projects. Horizon enables you to manage all your projects within OpenStack. The dashboard gives you easy access to your instances, volumes and lets you easily configure your networks and routers.

Configure secure access for instances (2/5)

Before launching an instance, you need to configure a security group. A security group is a set of IP filter rules that defines networking access and makes it possible to grant SSH access to users or be able to ping an instance. By modifying the default group or creating a new one you can attach a security group to (specific) instance(s). Key pairs are SSH credentials that are deployed into an instance when it's first deployed.
floating ip instance

Allocate a floating IP to an instance (4/5)

When you create an OpenStack instance, it receives a private IP address. Your instance is accessible for other instances with this private IP address . If you want to access your instance(s) over the internet, you'll need to assign a (floating) IP to these instances. A floating IP is an IP address on a external network. A floating IP address gives access to an instance to a private network from an external network.
instance ssh rdp

How to log in to your instance (5/5)

After you have created your instance, you probably want to connect to it remotely. For Linux instances you need to use SSH (Secure Shell) and for Windows instances you need to create a RDP session (Remote Desktop Protocol). If you want to connect remotely to your instance from outside of your network you need to allocate and assign a floating IP first. Connect to a linux instance with an imported Key Pair For most new images the username is the distribution name with lowercase, for example: Ubuntu 18.