How to get started with the Fuga API

How to get started with the Fuga API

Use the OpenStack APIs to launch server instances, create images, assign metadata to instances and images, create storage containers and objects, and complete other actions in Fuga Cloud.


API Endpoint:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Function successfully executed.
400 Invalid API location. Check the URL that you are using.
403 Invalid or missing API key. Check that your API key is present and matches your assigned key.
405 Invalid HTTP method. Check that the method (POST|GET) matches what the documentation indicates.
412 Request failed. Check the response body for a more detailed description.
500 Internal server error. Try again at a later time.
503 Rate limit hit. API requests are limited to an average of 2/s. Try your request again later.

Using the API


For any API request that requires authentication, you would need to send the ‘X-Auth-Token: ’ HTTP header. See the cURL examples below for more information on how to do this.

Time and Date

All time and date fields returned by this API are displayed in UTC.


The API reference is available in csv, json, table, value and yaml.



GET request with no arguments.

curl “"

GET request that requires your API key.

curl -H ‘API-Key: YOURKEY’ “"

GET request with additional parameters.

curl -H ‘API-Key: YOURKEY’ -G –data “SUBID=12345” “"

POST request that requires your API key.

curl -H ‘API-Key: YOURKEY’ –data “SUBID=12345” “"

POST request with additional parameters.

curl -H ‘API-Key: YOURKEY’ –data “SUBID=12345” –data-urlencode ‘label=my server!’ “"

Service Documentation
volume v3
S3 storage

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