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Getting Started with Fuga API

Use the OpenStack APIs to launch server instances, create images, assign metadata to instances and images, create storage containers and objects, and complete other actions in Fuga Cloud. Overview API Endpoint: https://api.fuga.io/ HTTP Response Code Description 200 Function successfully executed. 400 Invalid API location. Check the URL that you are using. 403 Invalid or missing API key. Check that your API key is present and matches your assigned key.
API openstack

Create a server with the OpenStack API

OpenStack has an API that can be used in a myriad of ways. Here we will demonstrate a simple but effective PHP script that logs into the API, retrieves and selects a flavor, retrieves and selects a image and continues to create a simple server. This tutorial assumes a small degree of familiarity with PHP and the availability of PHP with the Curl library. First, we will need to login and acquire an authentication token and retrieve the tenantId.