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Enthusiastic and ambitious Dutch team of experienced Cloud and Hosting nerds

Fuga Cloud is proudly originated in the Netherlands. This means that we and all your data fall under Dutch and European laws and regulations. We understand better than anyone that good service starts with safety, reliability and consistency.

Who is Fuga Cloud for

Are you learning how DevOps works, do you need that extra support or helping hand, are you looking for a platform where you do not need to have graduated in higher cluster technology?

Fuga Cloud is the ideal sandboxing & prototyping platform. Free Tiers are available for your personal environments and you can quickly share environments with colleagues and clients.

Development and DevOps Teams can count on support in a private slack channel for that little bit extra. We speak your language (Dutch, English, Python and more). No time-consuming tickets or complicated call centers, we've got your back with direct 1: 1 engineer support, via Slack / Email / Chat / Phone.

What does Fuga Cloud stand for

We are curious, maverick and unconventional but we believe in innovation, progressiveness and doing things in a better way. This is in our genes. We use OpenStack and 100 more Open Source techniques because we believe in "The Four Opens":

  • Open source
  • Open Design
  • Open Development
  • Open Community

With these points in mind, we believe that a world does not consist of 1 cloud provider (AWS or Azure). For this reason we initiated the CiC (Cloud infrastructure Coalition, the Dutch part of the European project GAIA-X). Every user should have the choice to run his/her data on a secure and exchangeable cloud environment without an eco-system lock-in.

Where does Fuga Cloud come from

Fuga Cloud is a startup with an enthusiastic and ambitious Dutch Team of experienced Cloud and Hosting nerds who like to do things differently. We originated from Cyso, the Dutch top Managed Hosting company, and Fuga Cloud has more than 20 years of experience in Agile, DevOPS, Infrastructure as a service and cloud architecture.

Together with Cyso and SQR, specialist in shared hosting, we are part of the Cyso Group. With more than 60 specialists, the Cyso Group has grown into one of the most important players in the Netherlands in the field of hosting and cloud services. Fuga Cloud, Cyso and SQR are all ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and NEN 7510 certified and GDPR ready.

Where is Fuga Cloud going

We are an ambitious start-up and eagerly look forward to the future. Fuga Cloud has many plans and we would like to present them to you:

  • We want to supplement the Fuga Cloud platform with an extremely large portfolio of Cloud native Services. This will significantly improve the use and manageability of our services.
    • DNSaaS, DNS as a Service
    • DBaaS, Database as a Service
    • ContainersaaS, Containers as a Service
    • BackupaaS, Backup as a Service
    • FaaS, Function as a Service
  • We strive for full Interoperability with other clouds and cloud environments (GAIA-X / open Authentication)
  • We are going to roll out several Fuga CORE clouds
  • We are going to roll out as many European Fuga EDGE clouds as possible so they are as close as possible to our users
  • With Private Fuga Cloud technology, our customers can seamlessly integrate with our Fuga CORE and EDGE clouds

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Who are in the Fuga Cloud team

The plans are ambitious and this includes an awesome team that will make all of this a reality. We are always looking for new aspiring and energetic people to join our team.

At the moment we have the following vacancies:

  • Python Developer
  • Marketeer
  • Webdesigner

Do you want to be part of this fabulous team? Then check out our vacancies.

Proudly made in The Netherlands Proudly made in The Netherlands

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